Stage MARC Records For Import

MARC Staging results :

  • records in file
  • records not staged because of MARC error
  • records staged
  • records with at least one match in catalogue per matching rule ""
  • Record matching failed -- unable to retrieve selected matching rule.
  • Did not check for matches with existing records in catalogue
  • item records found and staged
  • New label batch created: #
  • ">Manage staged records
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  • Select a MARC file to stage in the import reservoir. It will be parsed, and each valid record staged for later import into the catalogue.
  • You can enter a name for this import. It may be useful, when creating a biblio, to remember where the suggested MARC data comes from!
Stage records into the reservoir
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" enctype="multipart/form-data">
Look for existing records in catalogue?
Check for embedded item record data?