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Your privacy management

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Your reading history has been deleted.
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The deletion of your reading history failed, because there is a problem with the configuration of this feature. Please help to fix the system by informing your library of this error.
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Your privacy rules have been updated.
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We take great care in protecting your privacy. On this screen, you can define how long we keep your reading history.

Your options are:

  • Forever: keep my reading history without limit. This is the option for users who want to keep track of what they are reading.
  • Default: keep my reading history according to local laws. This is the default option : the library will keep your reading history for the duration permitted by local laws.
  • Never: Delete my reading history immediately. This will delete all record of the item that was checked-out upon check-in.

Please note that information on any book still checked-out must be kept by the library no matter which privacy option you choose.

Please also note that the library staff can't update these values for you: it's your privacy!

Immediate deletion

Whatever your privacy rule you choose, you can delete all your reading history immediately by clicking here. BE CAREFUL. Once you've confirmed the deletion, no one can retrieve the list!

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