Bug 16699: Move Swagger-related files to api/v1/swagger
authorLari Taskula <larit@student.uef.fi>
Tue, 14 Jun 2016 14:27:36 +0000 (17:27 +0300)
committerKyle M Hall <kyle@bywatersolutions.com>
Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:08:52 +0000 (12:08 +0000)
Bug 16699: Move Swagger-related files to api/v1/swagger

This patch separates Swagger-specifications and the minifySwagger.pl from other
api-files by moving specifications & minifier into api/v1/swagger.

Signed-off-by: Olli-Antti Kivilahti <olli-antti.kivilahti@jns.fi>
My name is Olli-Antti Kivilahti and I approve this commit.
We have been using the Swagger2.0-driven REST API on Mojolicious for 1 year now
in production and I am certain we have a pretty good idea on how to work with
the limitations of Swagger2.0
We participated in the development of the Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger and know
it well. We have made an extension to the plugin to provide full CORS support
and have been building all our in-house features on the new REST API.

Signed-off-by: Johanna Raisa <johanna.raisa@gmail.com>
My name is Johanna Räisä and I approve this commit.
We have been using Swagger2.0-driven REST API in production successfully.

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Rokseth <benjamin.rokseth@kul.oslo.kommune.no>
Signed-off-by: Tomas Cohen Arazi <tomascohen@theke.io>
Signed-off-by: Kyle M Hall <kyle@bywatersolutions.com>
27 files changed:
api/v1/definitions.json [deleted file]
api/v1/definitions/error.json [deleted file]
api/v1/definitions/hold.json [deleted file]
api/v1/definitions/holds.json [deleted file]
api/v1/definitions/patron.json [deleted file]
api/v1/parameters.json [deleted file]
api/v1/parameters/hold.json [deleted file]
api/v1/parameters/patron.json [deleted file]
api/v1/paths.json [deleted file]
api/v1/paths/holds.json [deleted file]
api/v1/paths/patrons.json [deleted file]
api/v1/swagger.json [deleted file]
api/v1/swagger/definitions.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/definitions/error.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/definitions/hold.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/definitions/holds.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/definitions/patron.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/parameters.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/parameters/hold.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/parameters/patron.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/paths.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/paths/holds.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/paths/patrons.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/swagger.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/swagger/x-primitives.json [new file with mode: 0644]
api/v1/x-primitives.json [deleted file]