Merging Katipo work
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2006-06-07 rangiMerging Katipo work
2005-10-26 tipaulbig commit, still breaking things...
2005-06-20 tipaulsynch'ing 2.2 and head
2005-03-01 slefSmall quoting fix to let fine calculation work.
2004-05-04 tipaulcontinuing code cleaning & reordering
2003-12-03 slefDBI fixes re bug 662. Removed worrying suggestion to...
2002-10-13 arensbDeleted unused variables.
2002-10-13 arensbAdded magic RCS comment.
2002-10-05 arensbMerged with arensb-context branch: use C4::Context...
2002-08-14 tonnesenAdded copyright statement to all .pl and .pm files
2002-03-17 rangiDeals with lost book charges now
2001-01-16 rangiFixing a glitch in the fines routine, was failing if...
2000-12-19 rangiInitial revision