POD Cleanups
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2010-06-09 Andrew ElwellPOD Cleanups
2010-05-25 Galen Charltonfix a common "developement" typo
2010-04-23 Galen CharltonMerge branch 'bug2505_patches' of git://git.catalyst...
2010-04-21 Donovan JonesBug 2505 - Add commented use warnings where missing...
2010-03-17 Lars WirzeniusFix FSF address in directory C4/
2008-04-17 Chris NighswongerPorting SimpleSearch return changes to all code calling it.
2008-04-01 Andrew Moorebug 1890: fixing calls to C4::Search::SimpleSearch
2008-03-04 Galen Charltonimprove authority heading matching (partial fix for...
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities: limit by heading type during matching
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities - new module - C4::Heading