Bug 5601 Fix processing of DueDate return
[koha.git] / C4 / SIP / Sip / MsgType.pm
2011-01-12 Colin CampbellBug 5601 Fix processing of DueDate return
2010-02-09 Colin CampbellBug 3723 Correct return of Institution in Patron Info...
2010-02-03 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'workbuffer.org-koha/translation' into...
2010-02-02 Colin CampbellBug 4088 Due Date Not formated in checkout response
2010-01-28 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'biblibre/3.2_biblibre' into to-push
2010-01-28 Frédéric DemiansBug 3813: SIP2, Bad Patron Information Response to...
2009-09-06 Colin CampbellReturn barcode as Sip hold_patron_id
2009-07-30 Joe Atzbergerbug 3435: SIP2 - 3M extension for SmartChute checkin.
2009-07-30 Joe Atzbergerbug 3435: SIP Checkin extension for 3M SmartChute ...
2009-07-22 Joe Atzberger3M SIP2 Extensions groundwork and Patron Info popoulation
2008-08-18 Joe AtzbergerPrevent compilation errors from complex C4 import/export.
2008-08-13 Andrew MooreBug 2400 [18/18]: fixing pod syntax in C4/SIP/Sip/MsgTy...
2008-06-25 Joe Atzberger (siptestBugfix Circulation, Expand ILS::Patron mapping.
2008-06-20 Joe Atzberger (siptestSIP - Lots of regexp hacking of input streams and verbo...
2008-06-06 Joe Atzberger (siptestMajor SIP components reworked.
2007-11-06 Chris CormackWork in progress on the SIP code
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsupdating ILS::Patron for Koha.
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsadding openncip / opensip SIP2 service