Added upc to content_identifier_exists criteria.
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2009-03-27 Daniel SweeneyAdded upc to content_identifier_exists criteria.
2009-03-27 Joshua FerraroFix for LL Bug 405: Syndetics Enhanced Content: some...
2009-03-27 Joshua FerraroSyndetics and Amazon bugfix enhancements
2009-02-27 Galen Charltondisplay library name instead of code in limit description
2009-02-12 Galen Charltonreduce bib fetches during search and OPAC display
2009-02-09 Joe AtzbergerGetMarcFromKohaField needs 2 args, or there's no point.
2008-12-11 Joe AtzbergerMinor cleanup, unused variable removed.
2008-10-30 Clay Foutsbug 2729: redundant call to C4::Biblio::get_biblio_auth...
2008-10-01 Frederic DemiansBugfix #2630 2nd attempt
2008-09-11 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing : 2581 Problem With HomeBranchOrHoldingBranc...
2008-08-21 Galen Charltonbug 2509: fix file permissions
2008-08-21 Jesse Weaverfix for bug 1771: Template errors with remote itemtype...
2008-08-18 Andrew Moorebug 2526: removing DEBUG flag from C4::Search
2008-08-08 Joshua FerraroPartial fix for 2446: single word queries that were...
2008-07-18 Joshua FerraroRemoves the Libraries facet if singleBranchMode is ON
2008-07-10 Andrew Moorebug 1980: updateing calls to SimpleSearch to limit...
2008-07-08 Joshua FerraroPrior to this patch, XSL and scan indexes conflicted.
2008-06-20 Galen Charltonbug 2248 [2/2]: import item status display in search...
2008-06-10 Galen Charltonbug 2098: do not apply stemming if search term has...
2008-06-09 Galen Charltonkohabug 2225 - fix resource leak in SimpleSearch
2008-05-27 Frederic DemiansFacets (current) translatable via template
2008-05-16 Galen Charltonbugfix - fix 'not' operator in NoZebra
2008-05-16 Galen Charltonkohabug 2020 - fix infinite loop in NoZebra on Perl...
2008-05-13 Galen Charltonkohabug 1621 - add subtitle to main results and details...
2008-05-01 Joshua FerraroAdding authorised value icons display in the search...
2008-05-01 Andrew MooreBug 2047: adding images to arbitrary authorized values
2008-04-22 Joe AtzbergerC4::Search - just cleanup, 1 FIXME added
2008-04-17 Chris NighswongerMore work on SimpleSearch
2008-04-17 Chris NighswongerEnabling SimpleSearch to return the total number of...
2008-04-15 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : highlighting term fixes
2008-04-09 Joshua FerraroFixing bug 2005: ISBN Search
2008-04-09 Joshua FerraroPartial fixes to enable unapi for non-zebra and non...
2008-04-08 Joshua Ferraroadding famfamfam iconset, improving isbn for amazon...
2008-04-07 Ryan HigginsMore cleanup of location & ccode authval handling.
2008-04-01 Andrew MooreBug 1980: adding parameters to C4::Search::SimpleSearch...
2008-03-22 Joshua FerraroExperimental XSLT-based display of results and details...
2008-03-16 Joe - minor cleanup
2008-03-16 Joe AtzbergerC4::Search - vastly reduced calls to preference and...
2008-02-29 Mason Jameswrapping regex in \Q$value\E to handle tricky strings...
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINNoZebra : removing . and : before indexing
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINBUGFIX NoZebra search (removal of adv zebra keyword...
2008-02-16 Paul POULAINbugfixing scan index for UNIMARC
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: configure PazPar2 during installation
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: fixed paging through grouped results
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: added OPAC search result grouping option
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonmore experimental work on grouping with pazpar2
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINswitching home and holdingbranch (rewritten)
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonexperiment: use PazPar2 to group related works
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonquell warnings for SimpleSearch under 'use warnings'
2008-01-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTAdding OpacHighlightedWords system preference
2008-01-04 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1736: Zebra searching, " " quotes cannot...
2008-01-03 Galen Charltonremoved extra 'my' that was causing a masking warning
2008-01-03 Galen Charltonitem rework: do not allow bulkedit to update items
2008-01-03 Joshua FerraroFixing Database Definitions for Statuses *PARTIAL*
2008-01-03 Joshua FerraroImproving searchhighlightblob, similar to Paul's patch:
2008-01-03 Henri-Damien LAURENTNZSearch debugging
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferrarofix to enable separate imageurls for item-level itypes
2007-12-28 Joshua Bugfixing
2007-12-28 Joshua Ferraroimprove embedded documentation and perldoc
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINreplacing SHELF_LOC by LOC, as decided with kados on...
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINfix to handle notforloan authorised values (we now...
2007-12-23 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1688
2007-12-23 Joshua Ferraroexpandtab, retab, tabstop=4
2007-12-23 Joshua FerraroRevert "Merging hdl's changes"
2007-12-23 Joshua FerraroSeveral important commits:
2007-12-22 Chris NighswongerMerging hdl's changes
2007-12-21 Chris NighswongerRolling back changes made to NZ search elements
2007-12-21 Joshua Ferrarofixing zebra searching after recent commits
2007-12-21 Chris NighswongerInitial fix for NoZebra advanced search problems when...
2007-12-21 Henri-Damien LAURENTBUG Fixing : NoZebra search
2007-12-21 Henri-Damien LAURENTSearchNZ : multiple words AND was an OR
2007-12-20 Joshua Ferrarofixes to search results list, tweak
2007-12-20 Chris Nighswonger2nd try:Fixed buggy NoZebra cataloguing search when...
2007-12-20 Chris NighswongerFixed buggy NoZebra cataloguing search when search...
2007-12-19 Galen CharltonMerge git://
2007-12-19 Joshua FerraroMerge branch 'master' of
2007-12-19 Joshua Ferraroincorect syntax fix
2007-12-18 Galen CharltonMerge git://
2007-12-18 Mason Jamesindex=kw searches now search all indexes for nozebra
2007-12-18 Joshua Ferrarocase-insensitive match on query highlighting
2007-12-18 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1658: <span class="term"> in search terms
2007-12-18 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1604: when doing a 'scan', "count" isn...
2007-12-17 Joshua Ferraroimprovements to query_desc and limit_desc
2007-12-17 Joshua FerraroUpdates to date indexing and search processing
2007-12-17 Joshua Ferrarofix to add wordlist default when QueryStemming is off
2007-12-17 Galen Charltoninstaller: location of koha-conf.xml
2007-12-15 Mason Jamesquickfix for adv. searching in nozebra.
2007-12-13 Paul POULAINNoZera don't handle fuzzy/stemming/weight
2007-12-13 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug introduced recently if due_date is null...
2007-12-12 Joe -- (the correct way) and remove...
2007-12-08 Galen Charltonbugfix: catch ZOOM exceptions in simple
2007-12-02 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug fixing : infinite loop when repeated operator ...
2007-12-02 rootBug Fixing : NZsearch
2007-12-02 Paul POULAINwhen the result has an author as search term, the link...
2007-11-26 Joshua Ferraros/mt/itemtype/ for FindDuplicate
2007-11-26 Joshua Ferraroadding maxItemsToDisplay
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarofixes to scan
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1208, exact barcode search
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroadding result_number to opac and staff search
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarosearchdesc improvements, more opac fixes