fixing help feature with new template structure
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2007-08-18 Paul POULAINordering supplier list & reindenting a little
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINshow callnumber in result list and update SQL by using...
2007-07-12 hdlIn
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : GetNextSeq did not pass through innerloop...
2007-06-30 hdlChanging GetSerials2 to take more than one status in...
2007-06-27 hdlRemoving some Warnings.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-05-25 tipaulBUG FIXING :
2007-05-24 hdlChanging signature for NewIssue
2007-05-23 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-05-23 tipaulBug Fixing :
2007-05-23 tipaulvarious bugfixes (minor) and french translation updated
2007-05-18 hdlAdding First tab information
2007-04-27 hdlRemoving $dbh from GetMarcFromKohaField (dbh is not...
2007-03-29 tipaulCode cleaning :
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-11-15 tgarip1957Savannah seems out of sync. reloading.Mainly code clean...
2006-11-06 tgarip1957Bug fixing and complete removal of Date::Manip
2006-10-20 tgarip1957A new to use for all date calculations. Mysql...
2006-09-01 tgarip1957No more MARC Records - everything is MARC XML
2006-08-25 tgarip1957New set of routines for HEAD.
2006-08-11 tipaulreintroducing letters management dropped by toins synch
2006-07-21 bob_lyonAdding in POD info about the new subroutines added...
2006-07-20 bob_lyonMerging in katipo changes for serials - added in some...
2006-07-12 toinsCode cleaning :
2006-07-07 toinsthis file replace C4/