- bugfix module usage (HTML::Template::Pro)
[koha.git] / C4 /
2008-01-08 Joe - BEGIN block VERSION and vars related to...
2007-10-29 Galen Charltonmore work on batch import
2007-10-19 Chris CormackPatch from Galen Charlton, removing $Id$ $Log$ and...
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferrarochmod 644 on all modules
2007-08-08 Joshua Ferraropatches from paul
2007-08-08 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-08 Paul is no more used anywhere. removing it
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-09-06 tgarip1957Clean up before final commits
2006-09-01 tgarip1957New XML API
2006-08-25 tgarip1957New set of routines for HEAD.
2003-10-01 tipaulfix fog bug #622 : processz3950queue fails
2003-04-29 tipaulreally proud of this commit :-)
2003-04-29 tipaulz3950 support is coming...
2003-02-19 wolfpac444Removed the unecessary $dbh argument from being passed.
2002-10-13 arensbDeleted unused variables.
2002-10-13 arensbRemoved bogus #! line (this isn't a script!)
2002-10-11 arensbReplaced &requireDBI with C4::Context->dbh
2002-08-14 tonnesenAdded copyright statement to all .pl and .pm files
2002-07-02 tonnesenmodule added from rel-1-2 branch