Changing GetMarcStructure signature.
[koha.git] / C4 /
2007-05-22 hdlChanging GetMarcStructure signature.
2007-05-21 btoumiadd security when u delete biblio :
2007-05-21 btoumibug fix :
2007-05-18 btoumibug fix: add call of two function from Date::calc
2007-05-18 hdlAdding First tab information
2007-05-11 btoumibug fix:
2007-05-11 btoumiadd security for the item barcode
2007-05-10 btoumiadd control of 'return date' if it 's a special or...
2007-05-10 tipaulKoha NoZebra :
2007-05-09 kadosfixing minor typo, need space after the operators
2007-05-09 kadosFix for bug 1249: Searching for a title beginning with...
2007-05-09 tipaulNEW feature : RSS feeds. See POD & koha-devel for details
2007-05-07 btoumibug fix : adding condition for create the right notify_id
2007-05-04 tipauladding short keyword support (ti for title, au for...
2007-05-04 tipaulvarious bugfixes on parameters modules + adding default...
2007-05-04 tipaulbugfixes for acquisition module
2007-05-04 tipaulbugfixes for NoZebra : handling results_per_page and...
2007-05-03 tipaulBUGFIX for : NoZebra
2007-05-02 tipaulNoZebra SQL index management :
2007-05-02 tipaulimproving NOzebra search :
2007-04-30 hdlCommiting necessary subs for bulkedition.
2007-04-27 tipaulkoha NZ speed improvement for title ordering
2007-04-27 hdlRemoving $dbh from GetMarcFromKohaField (dbh is not...
2007-04-25 tipaulKoha 3.0 nozebra 1st commit : the script misc/migration...
2007-04-25 hdlDeleting Sub GetBorrowerIssues.
2007-04-25 hdlGetBorrowerIssues is deleted from C4::Circulation
2007-04-25 hdlDeleting GetMembersFromSurname
2007-04-24 tipaulBIG COMMIT : cleaning of See detail on...
2007-04-24 hdlStill Code Cleaning.
2007-04-24 hdlBugFixing :
2007-04-24 hdlDeleting Interface/CGI/
2007-04-24 hdlContinuing Code Cleaning.
2007-04-24 hdlfunctions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are...
2007-04-24 tipaulmoving dotransfer to + some...
2007-04-23 tipaulrenaming currenttransfers to transferstoreceive
2007-04-23 tipaulmoving to
2007-04-23 tipaulcode convention for SQL
2007-04-23 tipaulreintroducing fixaccountforlostandreturned as requested...
2007-04-23 hdlCode Cleaning Members.
2007-04-18 tipaulremoving all useless %env / $env
2007-04-18 tipaulremoving "department" and replacing by items.location
2007-04-17 tipaulcirculation cleaning continued: working on branchtransf...
2007-04-17 tipaulcirculation cleaning continued: bufixing
2007-04-06 hdlAdding Check for a systempreference Version Variable
2007-04-06 hdlCode Cleaning : AuthoritiesMARC.
2007-04-05 btoumibug fix : add another security in check of notify_id
2007-04-05 btoumibug fix : add security in check of notify_id
2007-04-05 btoumiadd "sort by" with heading-entity in authorities search
2007-04-05 hdlAdding Circulation and Overdues modules
2007-04-05 btoumiadd "and" condition for branch when search is built...
2007-04-04 tipaulHUGE COMMIT : code cleaning circulation.
2007-03-30 tipauloups, fixing bug in EXPORT...
2007-03-30 tipaulremoving useless package
2007-03-30 tipaulwhy the hell do we need to explicitly utf8 decode this...
2007-03-30 tipaulsome cleaning (minor, the main one will come later...
2007-03-30 tipaulremoving useless package (copy of C4::Date)
2007-03-30 btoumiadd security on borrowernumber,barcode for book issues
2007-03-29 tipaulCode cleaning of (continued)
2007-03-29 tipaulCode cleaning :
2007-03-29 tipauladding default value new feature into cataloguing....
2007-03-29 btoumimodify advanced search query structure :
2007-03-29 hdlDeleting ignore_errors(1) pour MARC::Charset
2007-03-28 hdlremoving $dbh as a parameter in AuthoritiesMarc functions
2007-03-18 kadosFix for bug 1308: sort by order is lost when browsing...
2007-03-16 kadosUsing my precrash CVS copy I did the following:
2007-03-10 kadosfinish fixing spelling error on department
2007-03-10 kadosadding back get_date_format_string_for_DHTMLcalendar
2007-03-09 kadosfixing typo in and minor English in
2007-03-09 kadosmove to
2007-03-09 kadosmeging with dev_week, fixing spacing
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD (introducing new files)
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-12-13 bob_lyonAdding in missing subroutine bookseller
2006-11-15 tgarip1957Savannah seems out of sync. reloading.Mainly code clean...
2006-11-06 tgarip1957Bug fixing and complete removal of Date::Manip
2006-11-06 tgarip1957All necessary date functions for koha using the fast...
2006-10-20 tgarip1957A new to use for all date calculations. Mysql...
2006-10-02 tgarip1957code changed to show facets labels in different languag...
2006-10-01 tgarip1957Field weighting applied to ranked searches. A new facet...
2006-09-29 kadosfor some reason this didn't get updated properly, but...
2006-09-27 tgarip1957Finalizing main components. All koha modules are now...
2006-09-24 kadosCommitting some improvements to
2006-09-20 tgarip1957Some bug fixing, new acquisitions handling
2006-09-11 tgarip1957Fixes bug with MARChtml2xml in
2006-09-06 tgarip1957Clean up before final commits
2006-09-01 tgarip1957New XML API
2006-09-01 tgarip1957New XML handling of data
2006-09-01 tgarip1957No more MARC Records - everything is MARC XML
2006-08-25 tgarip1957New set of routines for HEAD.
2006-08-21 toinsAdd a forgetted function : getbibliofromitemnumber
2006-08-11 toinsfix POD error...
2006-08-11 toinsre-input an old function.
2006-08-11 tipaulreintroducing letters management dropped by toins synch
2006-08-11 tipaulthe new "includes" features, for personalized templates...
2006-08-10 toinsthis module is unused now.
2006-08-10 toinsadd a filter on text file.
2006-08-10 toinssync with dev_week.
2006-08-10 toinssync with dev_week.
2006-08-02 kadosrolling back previous merge, will do manually