import of the authorized values fails on the step 3 of the web-installation (ru-RU)
[koha.git] / C4 /
2009-05-20 Galen Charltonbug 3236: remove disused scripts and a function
2009-05-15 Galen Charltonfix undefined variable warnings when using Syndetics
2009-05-15 Frédéric DemiansImprove performances
2009-05-15 Garry CollumBug 1440: Show a list of holidays. Fix for the date...
2009-05-14 Galen Charltonfix small POD error
2009-05-14 PianohackerNew framework for AJAX services
2009-05-12 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #1578) change the shelf COinS support
2009-05-12 Galen Charltonadd subtitle to COinS for MARC21
2009-05-12 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #1578) fix a little error in code
2009-05-12 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #1578) Add the (quasi)full COinS(Zotero) support
2009-05-11 Galen Charltonexcised hard-coded reference to HLT
2009-05-11 Galen Charltonfix to CanBookBeIssued()
2009-05-11 Nahuel Angelinettifix the previous patch to add a syspref that permit...
2009-05-11 Nahuel Angelinettichange the date calc, to set the date_due to date_due...
2009-05-11 Paul Poulainfix for #988
2009-05-11 Nahuel AngelinettiAdd a date field in news edition, and permit to set...
2009-05-11 Frédéric DemiansBugfix 3176 - Browser selected languages are not use...
2009-05-11 Michael HafenTweak ceilingDueDate and CalcDateDue
2009-05-11 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3196) fix
2009-05-11 Galen Charltonbug 3120: tweak splitting of Dewey call number
2009-05-11 Frédéric DemiansBug 3213 - UNIMARC/MARC21 selection
2009-05-08 Ryan Higginsbug 3195 : Item Transfers and Holds disrupted.
2009-05-08 Ryan HigginsRevert "(bug #3025) multiple check-in of a multiple...
2009-05-08 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3174) show the member name in reports
2009-05-08 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3183) fix the SetMarcUnicodeFlag function
2009-05-08 Frédéric DemiansOptimize
2009-05-08 Chris CormackBug 2944 fix courtesy of Amr Denni
2009-05-07 Colin CampbellMoved some variable definitions out of conditionals
2009-05-07 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3193) fix the comtd value in
2009-05-01 Chris CormackAdding warnings, fixing a bug that meant the title...
2009-05-01 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3174) fill borrower number, and show author and...
2009-05-01 Galen CharltonSyndetics: add support for AVSUMMARY and AVPROFILE
2009-05-01 Galen CharltonSyndetics: start switch to XML::LibXML to parse results
2009-05-01 Galen CharltonSyndetics: handle variations in reviews XML output
2009-05-01 Galen Charltonfix to C4::Koha::_isbn_cleanup
2009-05-01 Joe AtzbergerBug 3177 - haspermission offers bogus option
2009-05-01 Ryan HigginsBug 3179: Typo in C4::Circulation function call causes...
2009-04-28 Mason Jamesfix to remove blank newlines from labels
2009-04-28 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #2750) Cannot return to another branch if the...
2009-04-27 Galen Charltonbug 2915 followup - small efficiency improvement
2009-04-27 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #2893) Allow loan forcing if a syspref is set
2009-04-27 Marc Chantreux_set_defaults_for_add easier to read
2009-04-27 Galen Charltonbug 3161: don't display blank language chooser
2009-04-27 Frédéric DemiansBug 2920 Fixes Amazon content use in pro interface
2009-04-26 Frédéric DemiansBugfix #2920 Avoid doing unecessary calls to Amazon...
2009-04-26 Galen Charltonfix warning in C4::AuthoritiesMarc::merge()
2009-04-26 Galen Charltonimproved POD for C4::Serials::HasSubscriptionExpired()
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTFix :Fatal Errors occurs when date is not a regular...
2009-04-25 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #2937) use check_date in C4::Serials::hassubscript...
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTRemoving map calls in void context
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTproblem saving authority with ? and other special chara...
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fix : 2494
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTMerging authorities caused an encoding problem in biblios
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fix : Adding Some error proofs to HaveSubscriptionE...
2009-04-25 Mason JamesBUG:3072 small work-around patch to restore authorities...
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing : searching on mainmainentry was disabled
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTAdding some Error proof on GetAuthority
2009-04-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTRestoring startsby search on authorities.
2009-04-25 Mason JamesBUG-3160: fixes 'itemlost' check on item return.
2009-04-24 Galen Charltonchanged OAI-PMH implementation
2009-04-24 Brian HarringtonRevisions to auto-generated authorities patch
2009-04-24 David GoldfeinModified log reporting to allow multiple modules to...
2009-04-24 Michael HafenNew feature ceiling Due Date.
2009-04-24 Joe AtzbergerCleanup and tighten Letters module.
2009-04-24 Joe AtzbergerBasic reformat of section in
2009-04-24 Michael HafenUse biblioitems.itemtype as a default for items.itype
2009-04-21 Owen LeonardFix for Bug 1877, Link to patron record from manage...
2009-04-21 Brian HarringtonPatch to improve auto-generated MARC21 authorities
2009-04-19 Paul Poulainfir for #2338
2009-04-18 Paul PoulainFix for 2363
2009-04-18 Chris CormackUpdate for bug 1545 allowing for the title to be edited
2009-04-18 Chris CormackAllowing users to edit saved sql in guided reports...
2009-04-18 Galen Charltonbug 2958: fix search results navigation for CCL, CQL...
2009-04-18 Joe AtzbergerMulti-bug fix - SetMarcUnicodeFlag for records coming...
2009-04-18 Joe AtzbergerRe-insert useldapserver into koha-conf.xml
2009-04-15 Ryan HigginsBut 3117 : fix typo in C4::Matcher causing compilation...
2009-04-08 Galen Charltonqualify warn; sort_by is not a required search parameter
2009-04-08 Galen Charltonfix various warnings
2009-04-08 Galen Charltonbug 3049: display correct due date of renewed loans
2009-04-08 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #2915) C4::Biblio::DelBiblio delete the serials
2009-04-08 Henri-Damien LAURENTauto truncation was not used
2009-04-08 Joe AtzbergerIntroduce sth caching to
2009-04-06 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3053) extract ISBD view generator, and permit...
2009-04-06 Joe AtzbergerAdd warning for unrecognized sort order.
2009-04-06 Galen Charltonremove incomplete bib bulk editing code
2009-04-04 Joe AtzbergerBug 3066 - Overhaul guided reports
2009-04-04 Joe and prep work on
2009-04-04 Joe AtzbergerSerial IF statements on same $variable should be ELSIFs.
2009-04-04 Mason Jamespatch for bug-3017
2009-04-04 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #2862) improve sql reports
2009-04-04 Frédéric DemiansInternationalize Amazon support
2009-04-04 J. David BavousettModifications to C4/Matcher for colon and ending punctu...
2009-04-03 Joe AtzbergerDDCN callnumber splitting with test.
2009-04-03 Owen LeonardAdding details to OPAC search results RSS, described...
2009-04-03 Daniel SweeneyCleared a trailing warn, sorry.
2009-04-03 Joshua FerraroSerials Display Enhancement
2009-04-01 Frédéric DemiansFix Amazon cover for UNIMARC
2009-04-01 Mason Jamesfix to ignore 600$2 'Source of heading' fields for...
2009-03-27 Henri-Damien LAURENTMinor bug fix Documentation update : 3039
2009-03-27 Daniel SweeneyChanged syndetics base URI from to syndet...