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2007-05-28 hdlAdding startdate and enddate parameters to GetBookfundB...
2007-04-25 hdlGetBorrower changed into GetMember
2007-04-24 hdlfunctions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are...
2007-04-23 hdlCode Cleaning Members.
2007-03-09 tipaul1st commit for rel_3_0 => HEAD branch move (to test)
2006-09-20 tgarip1957A new acquisition to handle different tax values to...
2006-07-31 toinsfix minor bug in POD.
2006-07-27 toinssyntax error fixed.
2006-07-25 toinsCall to Bookfund Added.
2006-07-21 toinsCode cleaning : POD added, GPL header added, SQL querie...
2006-07-07 toinsSub renamed according to the coding guidelines
2006-07-04 toinsHead & rel_2_2 merged
2006-06-07 sushiMerging Katipo changes.
2006-06-07 sushiperltidy before next commit.
2006-06-07 sushiMerging Katipo changes.
2005-10-26 tipaulbig commit, still breaking things...
2005-07-14 hdlAdding branch specific display to budgets and selection.
2005-06-20 tipaulsynch'ing 2.2 and head
2004-07-13 deals only with acquisitions.
2003-03-19 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2003-02-10 tipaultemplating normal acquisition before reordering acquisi...