Adding 2 new fields, called "sort1" and "sort2"
[koha.git] / acqui /
2004-07-02 tipaulAdding 2 new fields, called "sort1" and "sort2"
2004-02-11 tipaulsynch'ing 2.0.0 branch and head
2003-09-04 tipaulfixing small bug : escaping twice the ' in title &...
2003-07-08 cauchoipinvoice number problems fixed, "fast receive" now works
2003-05-02 tipaulfix for #409
2003-02-13 tipaulRoad to 1.9.1
2003-01-28 tipaulreordering code
2002-09-20 tipaullong is the road to 1.4.0
2002-08-14 tonnesenAdded copyright statement to all .pl and .pm files
2002-07-04 tipaulLong is the road to MARC..
2002-06-24 tipaulmerging of rel-1-2 and main branch
2002-05-15 tipaulsmalll bugfixes and code cleaning. See mail in koha...
2002-05-15 tipaulnewsubtitle called only if title exist
2002-05-15 truth_nzPatch to acqui system to use new newbiblioitem() parameters
2002-05-09 truth_nzUpdate to catalogue to allow change of biblio abstracts.
2002-04-15 truth_nzAcquisitions::newbiblioitem updated to be usable for...
2002-04-10 truth_nzUpdates to use changed newbiblio sub in C4/
2000-12-19 rangiInitial revision