Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5247' into to-push
[koha.git] / acqui /
2010-10-06 Galen CharltonMerge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5247' into to-push
2010-10-06 Galen CharltonMerge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5249' into to-push
2010-10-06 Galen CharltonMerge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5203' into master
2010-10-06 Katrin FischerBug 5090: New order from empty record does not save...
2010-10-06 Galen CharltonRevert "Bug 5081 - let the ISBN be saved on new manual...
2010-10-06 Galen CharltonMerge branch 'translation' of git://git.workbuffer...
2010-10-06 Robin SheatBug 5081 - let the ISBN be saved on new manual orders
2010-07-20 Chris CormackFix typo in z3950 search in acquisitions
2010-07-16 Chris Cormackwr72054 fixing the z3950 search for acquisitions
2010-07-16 Chris CormackBug 2505: Quieting warns in acqui/
2010-07-07 Henri-Damien LAURENTnewordersuggestion would not filter by status
2010-07-06 Frédéric DemiansBug 4188 Valid PDF file name when printing basket group...
2010-07-02 Galen Charltonremove a bunch of unconditional debug warns
2010-07-02 Galen Charltonbug 4188: move PDF templates for printed purchase orders
2010-07-02 Galen Charltonremove extraneous warns
2010-07-02 Frédéric DemiansBug 4188 Allow acq basket group printing into PDF
2010-06-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTMT3652 : Unifying the search of neworder with Search
2010-06-24 Alex Arnaud(BUG #4356) adding a link to the basketgroup
2010-06-17 Colin CampbellFix depreciation warnings in acqui/
2010-05-24 Colin CampbellRemove obsolete variables from
2010-05-24 Colin CampbellRemove generation of an unnecessary warning
2010-05-24 Colin CampbellBug 4510 Script processes single supplier not an array
2010-04-30 Alex Arnaud(BUG #4357) Closing a basket and creating baskets group
2010-04-30 Alex Arnaud(BUG #4355) withdrawal of the "can not close...
2010-04-30 Alex Arnaud(BUG #4348) list with duplicates orders...
2010-04-30 Alex Arnaud(BUG #4345) Redirect after closing a basket and creatio...
2010-04-30 Alex Arnaud(BUG #4342) should not be able to close an empty basket
2010-04-23 Galen CharltonMerge branch 'bug2505_patches' of git://git.catalyst...
2010-04-23 Paul Poulainremoving warn logs
2010-04-23 Paul Poulainbudget limit not working
2010-04-22 Frédéric DemiansFix a warning in log
2010-04-22 Robin Sheatwr69607 - fixed conditions for display of tax details
2010-04-22 Chris Cormackwr69959 Pagination on neworderbiblio was missing baskte...
2010-04-21 Donovan JonesBug 2505 - Add commented use warnings where missing...
2010-04-07 Chris CormackFix for acquisitions - Series title was not saving...
2010-04-07 Colin CampbellRefactor for Human Readability
2010-04-07 Colin CampbellBug 4331 Remove cruft from acqui-home script
2010-03-17 Lars WirzeniusFix FSF address in directory acqui/
2010-02-17 Paul PoulainMT2716: fixing Software Error
2010-02-17 Paul PoulainMT 2348 : acqui-home minor improvements
2010-02-12 Colin CampbellBug 4163 Preserve budget value unless changed by user
2010-02-12 Colin Campbellbugfix suppress warnings coming from acquisitions homepage
2010-02-08 Colin CampbellRemove cause of some warnings in order display
2010-02-05 Galen Charltonfixed remaining calls to GetMember() that used old...
2010-02-05 Galen Charltonremoved unconditional warn
2010-02-05 Colin CampbellBug 4108 Catch cases when GetMember is generating errors
2010-02-03 Colin CampbellBug 3808 Display correct number of records in neworderb...
2010-02-03 Galen CharltonMerge commit '' into...
2010-01-28 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'biblibre/3.2_biblibre' into to-push
2010-01-28 Jean-André Santoni[MT2390] Fixed addorderiso2709 breadcrumb
2010-01-28 Jean-André Santoni[MT2370] Basket header workflow improvement
2010-01-28 Jean-André Santoni[MT2593] Fixed budget amount computation in acqui-home
2010-01-28 Jean-André SantoniFixed a major bug in ModReceiveOrder
2010-01-28 Jean-André Santoni[MT2593] Added "ordered" column in acqui-home budget...
2010-01-28 Matthias MeusburgerMT2345 : Changes on contracts
2010-01-28 Matthias MeusburgerMT2408 : UI Changes / CSV Export
2010-01-28 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2426 : Default currency is chosen for price calculat...
2010-01-27 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'pianohacker-koha/prefs-submit' into master
2010-01-26 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'biblibre/3.2_community' into to-push
2010-01-20 Henri-Damien LAURENTMerge branch 'patroncards-wip' of git://git.foundations...
2009-12-22 Nicole EngardBugs: 3965, 3979, 3981 - GST changes in acquisitions
2009-12-20 Chris CormackBug 2505 enabling warnings
2009-12-02 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'koha-biblibre/master' into bl-acq
2009-11-25 Henri-Damien LAURENTMerge branch 'MT1105' into public_master
2009-11-24 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2050, Follow-up, Fast Cataloging
2009-11-19 Henri-Damien LAURENTfollowup
2009-11-17 Paul Poulainreindenting and removing tmpl_if in doc-head-close
2009-11-17 Jean-André Santoni[3.2.x](bug #3623) Alternative 2 pages layout for hte PDF
2009-11-04 Jean-André SantoniAdds billing address support in the basketgroup.
2009-11-03 Jean-André Santoni[3.2.x](bug #3623) PDF printing enhancements
2009-11-02 Jean-André Santoni[3.2.x](bug #3624) Per-basketgroup delivery place
2009-10-30 Paul Poulainfixing "close basket and create basket group" feature
2009-10-30 Henri-Damien LAURENTAcquisition : Fixing
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien LAURENTChange in API : ordnum becomes ordernumber
2009-10-29 Paul Poulainremoving hardcoded value
2009-10-29 Paul Poulainsuggestions improvements and fixes
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien LAURENTMT 2206 addorder crashing
2009-10-20 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing
2009-10-06 Henri-Damien LAURENTusing SQLHelper in C4/Acquisition
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien LAURENTMerge fixes and removing warnings
2009-09-30 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3622) rewrite a lot of basketgrouping
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainfix for #3620: basket management
2009-09-30 Paul Poulain[replace previous] fix for 3612 (bookseller improvements)
2009-09-30 Nahuel ANGELINETTI[biblibre-newacq] fix some merge errors
2009-09-30 Nahuel ANGELINETTI[biblibre-newacq] (bug #3616) fix neworderempty
2009-09-30 Nahuel ANGELINETTI[biblibre-newacq](bug #3615) fix getmember call
2009-09-30 Paul Poulain(MT #1855) Make an Ajax+JSON search receiving orders
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1496 : Close basket
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1487 : Ability to cancel orders when receiving shipments
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing : 1st Step Bookfund has become Budgets
2009-09-30 Jean-André SantoniThis adds the Editor Number in the PDF (basketgrouping)
2009-09-30 Jean-André SantoniThis fixes GST computation if prices are GST included
2009-09-30 Jean-André SantoniSeveral improvements to basket display.
2009-09-30 John SorosFixes for basket closing:
2009-09-30 John SorosChenge database structure to not delete an order line...
2009-09-30 Jean-André SantoniThis adds pagination on pending orders in acquisitions
2009-09-30 John SorosAdded displaying of seriestitle and volume in basket...
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremoving 2 warnings
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge fix
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge fix : recieving