modify input parameters for GetOrder.
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2006-07-28 toinsmodify input parameters for GetOrder.
2006-07-21 toinsfix broken link. Bull -->Serials
2006-07-21 toinssubs renamed according to coding guidelines.
2006-07-12 toinsGetSubscription... renamed to CountSubscription...
2006-07-07 toinsSub renamed according to the coding guidelines
2006-03-06 rangiThis will work in 2.2 now as well as 3.0
2006-03-06 rangiWorking now
2006-02-13 tipaulcleaning code (useless use C4::)
2006-01-17 tipaulmoving moredetail to catalogue directory
2006-01-17 tipaulmoving detailprint to catalogue directory
2006-01-17 tipaulmoving catalogue views to catalogue directory