Bug 12792: C4::Reserves breaks my vim syntax color
[koha.git] / cataloguing / value_builder / labs_theses.pl
2015-01-13 Jonathan DruartBug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere
2014-07-17 Tomas Cohen AraziBug 11349: Change .tmpl -> .tt in scripts using templates
2010-11-18 Christopher HallMerge branch 'master' into template_toolkit
2010-10-14 Chris CormackMerge remote branch 'kc/master'
2010-10-06 Galen CharltonMerge branch 'translation' of git://git.workbuffer...
2010-10-06 Owen LeonardFix for Bug 2947, value_builder scripts using authnotre...
2010-07-04 Chris CormackMerge commit 'kc/master'
2010-07-02 Galen Charltonremove a bunch of unconditional debug warns
2010-06-08 Chris CormackMerge commit 'kc/master'
2010-06-04 Owen LeonardFix for Bug 3081, Url's contain spaces
2010-04-23 Galen CharltonMerge branch 'bug2505_patches' of git://git.catalyst...
2010-04-21 Donovan JonesBug 2505 - Add commented use warnings where missing...
2010-03-17 Lars WirzeniusFix FSF address in directory cataloguing/
2008-09-26 Galen Charltonbug 2615: remove unneeded 'require Exporter'
2007-12-29 Galen Charltoncataloging plugins: enable access from authorities
2007-09-11 Owen LeonardCorrections for XHTML compliance
2007-04-24 hdlfunctions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are...
2007-04-18 tipaulremoving all useless %env / $env
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD (introducing new files)