Bug 30735: Fix filtering by patron attribute with AV in overdues report
[koha.git] / debian / templates / apache-shared-intranet.conf
2020-11-20 David CookBug 25548: Remove Apache rewrite directives that trigge...
2020-04-27 Marcel de RooyBug 16922: Add RewriteRule to apache-shared-intranet...
2020-01-20 Marcel de RooyBug 22220: Fix bib Apache rewrite rule for intranet
2018-08-02 David CookBug 21031: Apache Rewrite rules don't work for API...
2018-06-22 Fridolin SomersBug 20259: Shorter JS and CSS rewrite rule
2018-02-13 Marcel de RooyBug 20187: (QA follow-up) Replace N,L flag by L flag
2018-02-13 Kyle M HallBug 20187: New rewrite rules can break custom css
2018-02-08 Kyle M HallBug 12904: Apache configuration
2016-08-08 Tomas Cohen AraziBug 17030: Enable REST api on packages
2016-07-15 Marcel de RooyBug 16777: Correct intranet search alias
2010-05-26 Lars WirzeniusSplit off koha-common.
2010-05-26 Lars Wirzeniusmerged from upstream master
2010-05-25 Lars WirzeniusSplit off koha-common.