Bug 3317: Author displaying inconsistently or not at all. Revision to previous patch.
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2009-06-12 Chris CormackMissed Chris Nighswonger from the developer list, fixed
2009-06-11 Chris CormackAdding 10,000th commit to the history
2009-06-06 Chris CormackAdding 3.0.2 release to history
2009-06-04 Chris CormackAdding another developer to the history
2009-06-03 Chris CormackAdding a new developer to the history documentation
2009-05-29 Chris CormackAdding 2 new developers to the history
2009-05-22 Chris CormackAdding a new committer to the history docs
2009-05-11 Chris CormackAdding the irc meeting and maintenance tree to the...
2009-05-08 Owen LeonardSpelling correction
2009-05-08 Chris CormackAdding David Birmingham as a developer
2009-05-01 Chris CormackAdding Colin Campbell to the history doc
2009-05-01 Chris CormackAdding the creation of sql library on the wiki
2009-05-01 Chris CormackAdding Liz Rea to the history.txt
2009-04-29 Chris CormackWhoops I typo'd Garry's name - fixed
2009-04-29 Chris CormackUpdating history docs for new developer
2009-04-27 Chris CormackWhoops missed Brendan's commit, fixed the history now
2009-04-25 Chris CormackNew developer for history.txt
2009-04-23 Chris CormackNew Developer
2009-04-23 Chris CormackAdding the dev weekend and another developer to the...
2009-04-23 Chris CormackTypo in history docs
2009-04-18 Chris CormackNew developer added to the history
2009-04-18 Nicole EngardAdded Koha 3 Manual Release
2009-04-18 Chris CormackHistory docs