bug 2857: fix UTF-8 conversion issues in web services
[koha.git] / install_misc /
2008-11-17 Marc Chantreuxuse DESTDIR now
2008-07-15 Andrew Moorebug 2274: adding libmime-lite-perl (MIME::Lite) to...
2008-06-26 Joshua Ferraroadding 'gettext' as this is requred by the translation...
2008-06-16 Marc Chantreuxadd a kinda config file for Makefile.PL
2008-05-30 Marc Chantreuxadd script to install koha on a fresh debian.
2008-04-30 Frederic DemiansAdd a new Debian package and GoogleJacket on OPAC detai...
2008-04-25 Frederic DemiansAdd Debian packaged Image::Magick Perl module to Debian...
2008-02-15 Galen Charltoninstall: tweaked 'make update'
2008-02-15 Galen Charltoninstaller: added 'make upgrade' target
2008-02-15 Frederic DemiansAdd a required Debian package & fix a wrong character...
2008-01-14 Galen Charltonadd three missing packages to Debian list
2008-01-03 Frederic DemiansSome tweaks for Debian Etch install procedure
2007-12-28 Galen Charltonimportant: DBD::mysql 4.004 or later required
2007-12-27 Galen Charltonsession management: use YAML::Syck for serialization
2007-12-22 Joshua Ferrarofixing version numbers in Makefile.PL, adding a