Removed the dependency on Set::Scalar.
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2002-10-12 arensbRemoved the dependency on Set::Scalar.
2002-09-24 tipaullong WAS the road to 1.3.0...
2002-09-06 tipauladding mysql path for linux mandrake (which is /usr...
2002-08-14 tonnesenAdded copyright statement to all .pl and .pm files
2002-07-23 tonnesenFix permissions on /etc/koha.conf on initial install.
2002-07-22 tonnesenChanges from rel-1-2 branch
2002-07-08 tonnesenBug fixes from rel-1-2
2002-07-02 tonnesenMerged over from rel-1-2
2002-06-24 tonnesenPerl 5.005 doesn't like the -I after the script name...
2002-04-21 pategeneral cleanups
2002-04-17 rangiSubmitting on behalf of Nicholas