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2006-09-07 tgarip1957Cleaning up
2004-03-05 acli"Cancel requests" graphical text
2004-02-29 acliRedo the label after correcting the translation of...
2004-02-29 acliCopied from en directory
2004-02-29 acliApplied most of Arthur's corrections, some with editori...
2004-02-24 acliNew templates generated from opac.zh_TW and intranet...
2004-02-24 aclifile stats.tmpl was initially added on branch rel_2_0.
2004-02-24 aclifile request.tmpl was initially added on branch rel_2_0.
2004-02-24 aclifile member-flags.tmpl was initially added on branch...
2004-02-24 aclifile addbookbybiblionumber.tmpl was initially added...
2004-02-10 acliSync to en template
2004-02-10 acliSync to en, not yet translated
2004-02-10 acliThis is more consistent
2004-02-10 acliNew file from en
2004-02-10 acliSGML syntax correction
2004-02-10 acliSync to new en template
2004-02-10 acliMinor updates
2004-02-10 acliMarkup error
2004-02-10 acliNew "About" templates from en
2004-02-10 acliThis makes the fonts look more like the English version
2004-02-10 acliThis wording seems to be more commonly used
2004-02-10 acliSync to en (new file)
2004-02-10 acliVarious SGML syntax corrections (needed)
2004-02-10 acliThis makes a bit more sense
2004-02-10 acliMinor improvements
2004-02-10 acliSync to en
2004-02-10 acliChanged DTD declaration so that Mozilla will use standa...
2004-02-10 acliUse more standard translation for "About"
2004-02-10 acliChanged DTD declaration so that Mozilla will use standa...
2004-02-10 acliSync to en/include/common-style.css
2004-02-10 acliWe can't use A.home, A.about, etc. for Chinese, otherwi...
2003-07-16 acliLog-in strings translated
2003-07-16 acliCopied from en directory; used by *
2003-07-16 acliCopied from the en directory; needed by parameters...
2003-07-16 acliSync to current en template
2003-07-16 acliCopied some required images from the en directory
2003-07-16 acliPreliminary update to current en template files
2003-02-10 acliLegibility change: table width "550" => "100%"
2003-02-09 acliTranslation of the now-translatable "Ph", "Fax", "Email",
2003-02-09 acliUpdated for the fix for bug 180
2003-02-09 acliAdditional translations
2003-02-09 acliCorrected the width of the images
2003-02-09 acliCorrected the width of the image; the actual width...
2003-02-08 acliHTML syntax error corrected
2003-02-06 acliConsistency fixes, updated working glossary
2003-02-05 acliPreliminary translation
2003-02-05 acliMinor entity syntax error fix
2003-02-05 acliPreliminary (incomplete) translation
2003-02-05 acliPreliminary (incomplete) translation
2003-02-05 acliSync to en template
2003-02-05 acliSync to newest en template (1.10)
2003-02-05 acliVisual tweaks
2003-02-05 acliMake it look more like natural-looking Chinese, + visua...
2003-02-05 acliPreliminary translation
2003-02-04 acliPreliminary translation
2003-02-04 acliImages for and links
2003-02-04 acliShould use language-specific images for Password and...
2003-02-04 acliAdded Password and Privileges links from 1.2 branch...
2003-02-04 acliAdditional translation (tentative)
2003-02-04 acliFix to tool tips
2003-02-04 acliVisual tweak + some additional translation
2003-02-04 acliAdded 1 new term
2003-02-03 acliMinor correction to previous disambiguation
2003-02-03 acliReverted back to "Members Home" disabled
2003-02-03 acliDisambiguation
2003-02-03 acliMinor wording change
2003-02-03 acliConsistency fixes
2003-02-03 acliAdded some terms
2003-02-03 acliAdded check for mandatory tags, and distinguish between...
2003-02-03 acliTranslated "Mandatory" and "Repeatable"
2003-02-03 acliMore updates
2003-02-03 acliPreliminary translation
2003-02-03 acliMisc updates
2003-02-02 acliAdditional translation
2003-02-02 acliMoved C4/ to C4/Interface/CGI/
2003-02-02 acliIncomplete translation
2003-01-27 acliSync wording to same as the translation in opac-tmpl
2003-01-27 acliTranslated the images
2003-01-27 acliThis sounds better
2003-01-27 acliPartial translation