addbiblio cleaned.
[koha.git] / koha-tmpl / intranet-tmpl / prog / en / cataloguing / addbiblio.tmpl
2007-07-31 toinsaddbiblio cleaned.
2007-07-16 hdlAddBiblio can be executed as a popup now.
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : Dynamic change of framework in edition...
2007-06-27 tipaulmoving the _s() javascript function, that is used by...
2007-03-11 kadosThis is a minor change, but affects all templates:
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-09-22 tgarip1957Added support for aqui management
2006-09-11 tgarip1957Fixes a bug with MARChtml2xml and sync with dev_week
2006-01-19 tipaulmoving cataloguing scripts to a cataloguing directory...