minor template changes
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2007-07-02 tipaulminor template changes
2007-06-27 tipaulmoving the _s() javascript function, that is used by...
2007-06-06 tipaulbugfixes (various), handling utf-8 without guessencodin...
2007-05-30 tipaulcleaning duplicate entries in top menus & fixing a...
2007-05-29 tipaulsome minor bugfixes, templates improvements & zebra...
2007-05-23 tipaulfrench translation
2007-05-22 tipaulBugfixes & improvements (various and minor) :
2007-04-30 hdlChanging
2007-04-23 tipaulrenaming reserves & branchreserves to pendingreserves...
2007-04-23 tipaulrenaming currenttransfers to transferstoreceive
2007-04-03 btoumiadd security when u delete biblio :
2007-03-17 kadosimprovements to the language of the installer
2007-03-16 kadosUsing my precrash CVS copy I did the following:
2007-03-11 kadosThis is a minor change, but affects all templates:
2007-03-11 kadosno need for a separate barcodes doc-head include, switc...
2007-03-10 kadoslanguage improvements
2007-03-10 kadoslanguage cleanups
2007-03-10 kadosfix spelling department
2007-03-10 kadoslanguage cleaning for borrower module
2007-03-10 kadosadding calendar popup to member entry
2007-03-09 kadosfixing validation
2007-03-09 kadosfixing typo in Date.pm and minor English in menus.inc
2007-03-09 kadosEnglish language changes
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD (introducing new files)
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD (removing useless file)
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-09-27 tgarip1957*** empty log message ***
2006-09-07 tgarip1957Cleaning up
2006-08-24 btoumibug fix :modify test syntax for borrowermandatoryfield
2006-08-23 btoumibug fix :add new condition in javascript to eliminate...
2006-08-11 tipauldeleting "illegal" PROG included files
2006-08-11 tipauladding menu-tools item
2006-08-11 tipaulupdating a little the templates (main menu on the left...
2006-07-21 toinsNew menu for acquistion.
2006-07-20 bob_lyonmerging katipo changes
2006-07-12 toinsbull renamed to serial
2006-07-12 toinsspecial menu for serials
2006-07-12 toinsspecial menu for serials
2006-07-12 toinsHeader & footer for popup
2006-07-12 toinsheader & footer for serials files
2006-07-07 toinsdoctype head included for barcode
2006-07-07 toinsfix broken link
2006-06-09 btoumibug fix : navigation's problem in differents borrowers...
2006-06-07 btoumimembers.js :translate javascript message
2006-06-07 btoumibug fix: change bad name of function
2006-06-06 alaurinnew color alerts for the differents kind of reserves...
2006-05-19 alaurinnew dev : create 3 new program for circulation :
2006-05-09 tipauladding the branchname and the librarian name in every...
2006-04-21 tipaulimprovements from SAN Ouest Provence :
2006-04-18 plgbug fixed: my previous commit added a useless temporary...
2006-04-18 plgmodification: removed fieldset and label CSS properties...
2006-04-14 tipaul- adding some css properties (minor)
2006-04-06 plgExperimental rewrite of Stop Words administration scree...
2006-04-04 plgnew: authorities in prog/en template, only partial...
2006-02-20 tipauladding a link to viewlog.pl (log viewer)
2006-02-13 tipauladding some templates I forgot to commit (module sub...
2005-10-12 oleonardNeglected to add this file previously.
2005-07-19 oleonardFirst draft of programmer's templates: a stripped-down...