Adding Calyx to the about page and the history
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2010-04-13 Chris CormackAdding Calyx to the about page and the history
2010-02-19 Chris CormackWhoops missed Magnus Enger
2010-02-19 Chris CormackUpdating credits and history document
2010-02-09 Colin Campbelladd PTFS-Europe as a contributing company
2010-02-04 Garry CollumBug 3691: Invalid XHTML in about.tmpl
2010-01-27 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'pianohacker-koha/prefs-submit' into master
2009-09-30 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'origin/master' into bl-sopac
2009-09-16 Chris CormackFix for license statement on about page
2009-08-21 Chris CormackAdding Katrin to the tranlsation tab on the about page
2009-08-21 Chris CormackEdits to the about page : Adding a couple of missing...
2009-08-17 Chris CormackFollow up patch for the about patch, changing managemen...
2009-08-17 Chris CormackUpdating about page, some are bound to be missed, pleas...
2008-09-05 Joe AtzbergerHTML validation adjustments to
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroAdding some missing folks to the About page
2008-04-24 Andrew MooreBug 2044: allowing multiuple icon sets
2008-04-22 Owen LeonardAdding breadcrumbs (fixes Bug 2031, "No way back home...
2008-04-14 Joshua Ferraroadding license tab to about page
2008-03-22 Joshua FerraroExperimental XSLT-based display of results and details...
2008-03-11 Owen LeonardUpdates to go along with jquery tabs plugin update
2008-02-28 Joshua Ferraroadding attribution to italian translation
2008-02-27 Paul POULAINOAI-PMH second try
2008-02-22 Joshua Ferrarore-naming Venezuelan translation Spanish appropriately...
2008-02-22 Joshua Ferraroupdating attribution for the German translation
2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroadding attribution for Greek translation
2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroupdating the translation credits
2008-02-15 Galen Charltondisplay path to Perl interpreter on about page
2008-02-15 Galen Charltondisplay Perl @INC on about page
2008-02-08 Joshua Ferraroadding translators for Amaric
2008-01-20 Joshua Ferraroadding a few credits for translation team
2008-01-07 Joshua Ferraroadding Tigran Zargaryan attribution (Armenian templates)
2007-12-22 Joshua Ferraromissing < in about page
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINtranslator complaint for a trailing )
2007-11-14 Chris CormackMore About additions
2007-11-14 Joshua Ferraroadding a few contributors that weren't recognized
2007-11-13 Owen LeonardModifying layout (single column), and making some marku...
2007-11-12 Paul POULAINupdating
2007-08-30 Owen LeonardMoving </head><body> into body of templates so that...
2007-08-28 Owen LeonardModifications to enable YUI-Grids layout structure...
2007-08-28 Owen LeonardCorrections for XHTML compliance, again.
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferrarofirst go at moving templates to a modules/ dir