telling the user what stopwords have been removed from the
[koha.git] / koha-tmpl / intranet-tmpl / prog / en / modules / catalogue / results.tmpl
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarotelling the user what stopwords have been removed from the
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferraroswitching from searchdesc to query_desc and limit_desc,
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferraroadding query_inputs to build the query as a set of...
2007-11-21 Joshua FerraroMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraromoving page numbers to it's own include
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarofixing page numbers to use query_cgi
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraroreverting to more mature page numbering system
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarofixing mc-* group OR queries (checkboxs)
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraronomenclature improvements for translation
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferrarofixing facets, add cardview (XSLT), adding dependencies...
2007-11-07 Owen LeonardSome random changes, including search box and toolbar...
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixing re-sorting in staff client
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarobringing back facets to the staff client search
2007-10-19 Joshua Ferrarohandle new call number scheme
2007-10-18 Henri-Damien LAURENTMinor : Adding item count to result lists.
2007-10-17 Henri-Damien LAURENTpatches for members and resultlists.
2007-09-13 Paul POULAINimproving detail page :
2007-09-11 Owen LeonardContinuing addition of resident search form, other...
2007-09-04 Owen LeonardCleanup of catalogue files, previously excluded from...
2007-08-30 Owen LeonardMoving </head><body> into body of templates so that...
2007-08-28 Owen LeonardCorrections for XHTML compliance, again.
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferrarofirst go at moving templates to a modules/ dir