bug 2608: let offline circ processing work in background
[koha.git] / koha-tmpl / intranet-tmpl / prog / en / modules / circ / reserveratios.tmpl
2008-07-27 rootSmall patch again to fix repeated col in reserveratios...
2008-06-20 Joshua FerraroDarrel's patch to fix sorting by size of order
2008-05-30 Joshua Ferraronomenclature cleanup: s/Branch/Library/ s/Document...
2008-05-13 Owen LeonardSwapping tablesorter version. GZipped version may have...
2008-04-22 Owen LeonardMore cleanup and corrections for circulation reports.
2008-04-22 Owen LeonardRefining some circ reports interfaces, adding table...
2008-04-10 Owen LeonardMarkup corrections and standardizations.
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonmore XHTML corrections for new circ reports
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonfixed typo in template
2008-04-03 Galen CharltonXHTML fixes for various circ templates
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonanother "Reserves" => "Hold" in template
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonminor circ template cleanup
2008-04-03 Darrell UlmAll patches to Koha 3 beta to date. All work with branches.