reintroducing facets and sorting on OPAC
[koha.git] / koha-tmpl / opac-tmpl / prog / en / opac-results.tmpl
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINreintroducing facets and sorting on OPAC
2007-10-18 Henri-Damien LAURENTMinor : Adding item count to result lists.
2007-10-17 Henri-Damien LAURENTpatches for members and resultlists.
2007-10-15 Paul POULAINBUGfixes in availability management
2007-08-08 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-08 Joshua FerraroMerge branch 'master' of /usr/local/git/koha_base.git/
2007-07-20 hdlPutting order list into Template rather than setting...
2007-07-19 toinss/UNLESS/IF/
2007-07-19 toinsrefine your search is not available on NoZebra.
2007-07-16 toinsfix XHTML syntax error.
2007-07-06 hdlFeature porting :
2007-07-03 tipauladding volume and volumeddesc field in the result list...
2007-06-18 toinsdon't display notes on result and fix wrong link.
2007-06-15 toinsremove hardcoded link.
2007-05-28 tipaulmerging opac details only for items with the same branc...
2007-05-23 tipaulfrench translation
2007-05-22 tipaulBugfixes & improvements (various and minor) :
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD (introducing new files)