Adding KohaAdminEmailAddress to template
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2005-01-12 oleonardSynching with default tempalte
2005-01-03 tipaulsynch'ing virtual shelves management in opac with the...
2005-01-03 tipaulmerging opac.css and marc-editor.css, that is used...
2005-01-03 tipauladding "opacstylesheet" systempreference.
2004-12-30 acliSpelling correction
2004-12-15 tipaulfix for strange things in MARC view when label is too...
2004-12-10 tipaulImprovement : adding a systempref to define default...
2004-12-08 oleonardRemoving NPL-specific link
2004-12-08 tipaulfix to add biblio in basket when the query has only...
2004-12-08 tipaulcss & html fixes
2004-12-07 tipaulemail sent basket : the sender can give it's name,...
2004-12-06 oleonardRemoving non-functional "Beginning Date" and "Ending...
2004-12-06 oleonardMinor change to HTML
2004-12-02 tipaulitemcallnumber search is a start by, not a contains
2004-12-02 tipaulmissed CVS commit
2004-11-29 oleonardRemoving NPL-specific links
2004-11-28 tipaulremoving "ISBD : " string
2004-11-24 tipaulfrench OPAC
2004-11-24 tipaulminor css & html changes
2004-11-24 tipauladding barcode into list of on loan books
2004-11-22 tipaulfixing a problem in char encoding : translation of...
2004-11-22 tipaulshow "subject(s): " if there is at least one subject
2004-11-17 oleonardFixing clear on line break
2004-11-12 tipaulsome html fixes & bugfix for biblio printing
2004-10-25 tipaulrewritting item status checking : now, each item is...
2004-10-20 oleonardAdding Nelsonville Public Library's OPAC templates...
2004-10-19 tipaulfrench OPAC for 2.2
2004-10-19 tipaulmoving language change : now, possible even when uniden...
2004-10-05 tipaulrepeating bg image in h2 & a.hover
2004-10-04 tipaulThe textmessaging field now appears in opac-main when...
2004-09-30 tipaulbugfix in biblio-basket :
2004-09-20 tipaulminor fixes & improvements
2004-09-16 tipaulmodifs in new acquisition option : the search is now...
2004-09-15 tipaulreservation is impossible if the borrower has a card...
2004-09-13 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-09-13 tipaulminor css changes
2004-09-06 tipauladding a "location" field to the library.
2004-09-02 tipaulfrench OPAC for 2.2
2004-09-02 tipaulminor modifs & improvements
2004-08-18 tipaulcommiting stephen hedges modifs to css template & fixin...
2004-08-18 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-08-17 shedgesadded MARCNOTES and MARCSUBJCTS loop variables for...
2004-08-16 tipaulmoving language chooser to the main page.
2004-08-15 rangiCommiting a sample change to the default template to...
2004-08-13 acliIn English, there is usually no space before question...
2004-08-13 acliMinor spelling corrections
2004-08-13 acliSpelling correction
2004-08-12 tipaulminor fixes (to get less warning during translation)
2004-08-12 tipaulserials : lot of bugfixes.
2004-08-02 tipaulminor css modifications
2004-07-23 doxultingline added for presentation
2004-07-23 doxultingaddMultiple button renamed with Biblio Basket
2004-07-23 doxultingjavascript file location changed
2004-07-23 doxultingaddMultiple feature modified
2004-07-21 oleonardChanging whitespace to try to format email better
2004-07-20 oleonardAdding checkboxes for adding items to biblio basket...
2004-07-20 oleonardPutting this file in includes for easier access. Contai...
2004-07-20 oleonardAdding count of items in biblio basket
2004-07-20 oleonardMinor tweaks to help display of new basket buttons
2004-07-15 tipaulAcquisition & Suggestion :
2004-07-09 doxultingForm template for sending basket
2004-07-09 doxultingTemplate for sending basket
2004-07-09 doxultingBasket template modification
2004-07-09 doxultingBasket sending added
2004-07-08 oleonardorderby variable added to page links so that multiple...
2004-07-06 tipaulbaskets in OPAC
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC record view - basket added
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC style sheet - basket element added
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC top - basket added
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC basket top
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC basket menu
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC Basket bottom .inc file
2004-07-05 doxultingTemplate for OPAC basket
2004-06-23 tipaulCVS cleaning
2004-06-17 tipaulimprovements in OPAC
2004-06-03 tipaulminor synch'ing (but default template is deprecated...
2004-06-03 tipaulcss & HTML update
2004-05-28 tipaulchanges in HTML/CSS & link to ISBD view
2004-05-28 tipaulsome HTML cleaning & improvements
2004-05-28 tipaulMARC view in OPAC
2004-05-28 tipauladding :
2004-05-24 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-05-19 oleonardA couple more changes to make page XHTML-compliant
2004-05-19 oleonardMany changes to make page XHTML-compliant
2004-05-19 oleonardClosing tags, correcting case, other changes to make...
2004-05-19 oleonardAdding class to id declarations to allow XHTML-complian...
2004-05-19 oleonardClosing input tags to make valid XHTML
2004-05-19 oleonardFixing broken next and previous links in the bottom...
2004-05-12 oleonardClosing input tags, correcting case, other changes...
2004-05-12 oleonardClosing input tags to make page valid
2004-05-12 oleonardFixing broken numbered results links on bottom of page
2004-05-10 oleonardAdded styling for search results page number links
2004-05-10 oleonardReplacing image-based results page numbers with css...
2004-05-10 oleonardChanges to make XHTML-compliant: quoting attributes...
2004-05-10 oleonardQuoting href attribute to make XHTML compliant
2004-05-10 tipaulMarc search ported to OPAC.
2004-05-06 tipaulusing itemcallnumber instead of bulk
2004-03-15 tipauladding virtual shelves to opac
2004-02-29 acliTitle -> Salutation, so that it can be translated prope...
2004-02-29 acliApplied most of Arthur's corrections, some with editori...