fixing permissions on scripts
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2007-04-18 tipaulremoving all useless %env / $env
2007-04-04 tipaulHUGE COMMIT : code cleaning circulation.
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-07-12 btoumibug fixing:
2005-09-22 tipaulsee mail on koha-devel : code cleaning on
2003-12-22 tipaulsync'ing with rel_2_0 (mostly prepare/execute pb, bug...
2002-10-13 arensbRemoved trailing whitespace.
2002-10-13 arensbAdded magic RCS comment.
2002-10-05 arensbMerged with arensb-context branch: use C4::Context...
2002-08-14 tonnesenAdded copyright statement to all .pl and .pm files
2002-04-10 patewhacked a couple of bits that Chris marked as okay...
2002-04-09 rangiJust added some comments for Pat
2002-04-09 paterefactoring, marking spots for further refactoring
2002-03-17 rangitidied up, less hlt specific now
2001-01-26 rangiScript to generate overdue fines.