remove superfluous retrieval of $ENV{'REMOTE_USER'}
[koha.git] / misc /
2008-12-03 Joe AtzbergerComment out unused variable.
2008-11-18 Galen Charltonbug 2606: reduce size of offline circ patron database
2008-11-11 Chris CormackUpdated Italian translation files
2008-10-21 Ryan HigginsBug 2660: Add command-line options to overdue notice...
2008-10-16 Galen Charltonbug 2677: restore RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight and StaticH...
2008-10-01 Michael HafenReduce logging from with a command...
2008-10-01 Pianohackerfix date formatting in
2008-09-26 Frederic DemiansBugfix #2633
2008-09-26 Galen Charltonbug 2615: remove unneeded 'require Exporter'
2008-09-11 Andrew Moorebug 2594: fixing SQL statement to populate patron infor...
2008-08-30 Joe AtzbergerFines fixes: apparent problems with fines prevent proce...
2008-08-28 Joe AtzbergerUsage option correction (-h not -n)
2008-08-21 Vincent DanjeanStill fixing permission and first line of scripts
2008-08-21 Vincent DanjeanNo 'BOM' marker for a script file
2008-08-20 Andrew Moorebug 2503: refactoring and bugfixing on
2008-08-20 Andrew Moorebug 2503: moving offline circulation db generator to...
2008-08-20 Kyle HallAdded offline circ sqlite database generator.
2008-08-18 Galen Charltonbug 2527: avoid targeting of items on hold shelf
2008-08-18 Galen Charltonbug 2522 [3/3]: populate hold_fill_targets
2008-08-13 Michael HafenHave zebrasrv log less
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroNomenclature cleanup prior to release v3.00.00
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroChanging nomenclature prior to release, removing -stable
2008-08-10 Ryan HigginsUpdate cron job to manage setting lost...
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroAdding three statistics files that NPL uses, they don't
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroUpdates to the example crontab
2008-08-10 Ryan HigginsUpdate fines cronjob: remove redundant scripts, remove...
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroMinor update to README for RM
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroUpdates to the subtag registry for new translations
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroTranslation updates prior to 3.0-stable release
2008-08-10 Joshua FerraroRelease Notes for 3.0-stable
2008-08-09 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing
2008-08-08 Joshua FerraroRevert "Add missing to and from email addresses to...
2008-08-08 Southeastern Unive... Add missing to and from email addresses to user and...
2008-08-05 Galen Charltonbug 2473: correct display of items.content
2008-08-04 Joe AtzbergerRename crontab.example
2008-08-04 Paul POULAINvery small french translation fix
2008-08-01 Paul POULAINfrench updated
2008-08-01 Paul POULAINfrench updated
2008-07-27 Jesse Weaverkohabug 2345: bad comparisons pervade reports
2008-07-27 Joe AtzbergerExample cronjob file.
2008-07-24 Andrew Moorebug 2386: adding newline between items in overdue notices
2008-07-22 Joshua FerraroAdds Arabic Staff Client translation
2008-07-18 Ryan HigginsAdd no-replace option to, allowin...
2008-07-16 Frederic Demiansar-Arab po files--only OPAC is translated for now.
2008-07-16 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2008-07-15 Jesse Weavernew script to fix date code in accountlines
2008-07-10 Joshua FerraroNomenclature update: s/Reserved on/Hold placed on/...
2008-07-10 Andrew Moorebug 2274 [4/5]: removing obsolete misc/cronjobs/overdue...
2008-07-10 Andrew MooreBug 2274 [3/5]: consolidating overdue notice cronjobs...
2008-07-09 Joshua FerraroUpdates to German translation
2008-07-08 Paul POULAINfrench updated
2008-07-08 Joshua FerraroUpdates to translations sent via email prior to release
2008-07-08 Joshua FerraroUpdates for translations on prior...
2008-07-02 Paul POULAINfrench updated
2008-06-26 Frederic DemiansDocuments translator dependency on 'gettext' Linux...
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroUpdating release number
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroUpdating translations prior to RC1 release
2008-06-23 Chris NighswongerCorrecting Release notes to read RC1 rather than Beta
2008-06-23 Joshua Ferrarotranslation fix
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroFixed errors for translation
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroFixed errors for translation
2008-06-21 Joshua FerraroUpdating all translations except for:
2008-06-21 Joshua FerraroAdding release notes for 3.0 stable RC1
2008-06-21 Joshua FerraroUpdates to translation files (
2008-06-20 Andrew MooreBug 2176 (3/5): adding methods to manage message_queue...
2008-06-20 paulfrench translation updated (again)
2008-06-20 paulupdating french translation (lot of fixes)
2008-06-20 paulminor translation fixes
2008-06-19 Galen Charltonbug 2253: improve rebuild_zebra's handling of zebraqueue
2008-06-19 Galen Charltonbug 2258 - new script to sync embedded items
2008-06-19 Galen Charltonbug 2258 - do not duplicate embedded items
2008-06-16 Joshua FerraroFix for 2174: s/langauge/language/
2008-06-16 Galen Charltonbypass corrupt bibs when linking headings
2008-06-09 Frederic DemiansSmall script to identify syspref differences between...
2008-06-03 Paul POULAINminor changes in french translation
2008-06-03 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2008-06-03 Paul POULAINsmall fixes in french translation
2008-06-03 Ryan Higginsadd single-transaction flag to mysqldump in example...
2008-06-01 Joe AtzbergerFix typo in field name, apply branchcode selector logic...
2008-05-29 Joe AtzbergerFines repair. Make work, give feedback, impro...
2008-05-27 Paul POULAINsmall update to french translation
2008-05-20 Owen LeonardInterface improvements to Holds Queue report and change...
2008-05-20 Paul POULAINbugfixing
2008-05-20 Galen Charltonkohabug 2048 - improve zebraqueue_daemon performance
2008-05-20 Joshua FerraroFinal update to holds queue work: adds link to holds...
2008-05-20 Joshua FerraroAdds a cron script to be run periodically that populates
2008-05-12 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2008-05-12 Paul POULAINbugfix : ship utf-8 encoding in mail header
2008-05-12 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing : overduenotices wrote a file on disk before...
2008-05-12 Ryan HigginsC4::Circulation::FixOverduesOnReturn now handles dropbo...
2008-05-12 Ryan HigginsAlter Overdues::CalcFine to use Dates objects.
2008-05-12 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : script to fix & fill onloan field in items...
2008-05-11 Galen Charltonkohabug 2076 - make biblioitems.marc longblob during...
2008-05-05 Paul POULAINordering by biblioitemnumber for best performance
2008-05-05 Paul POULAINfrench translation (updated)
2008-05-05 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2008-05-05 Paul POULAINmissing )
2008-05-01 Galen Charltonstaging import - enhance record overlay behavior
2008-04-22 Galen Charltonkohabug 1776 - try to locate Zebra during install
2008-04-22 Galen Charltonadded RUN_DATABASE_TESTS to install log