item rework: moved GetItem
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2008-01-03 Galen Charltonitem rework: moved GetItem
2007-12-24 Joshua Ferraroforgot to add imageurl to OPAC
2007-12-24 Joshua FerraroSynching opac with fixes to reserves adding back dev_we...
2007-12-24 Chris CormackDoh, typo, fixed
2007-12-24 Chris CormackReserves not made at priority 0 if ReservesNeedReturns...
2007-12-05 Joshua Ferrarocleanup for opac/ Dates - missing format_date, etc.
2007-12-05 Joe Atzbergeropac subdir - integration and warnings fixes.
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFix for a bug in reserves, if a charge was incurred...
2007-10-10 Paul POULAINremoving comment
2007-10-08 Paul POULAIN#1456, automatically suggest user branch as pickup...
2007-10-03 Paul POULAIN#1455 (placing reserve from OPAC)
2007-10-01 Chris CormackFix for a bug in reserves, if a charge was incurred...
2007-08-08 Joshua Ferraropatches from paul
2007-08-08 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-08 Paul POULAINfixing buggy reserve script
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-06 hdlBug Fixing:
2007-05-11 alaurinminor bugfixing for reservations
2007-04-24 tipaulBIG COMMIT : cleaning of See detail on...
2007-04-24 hdlfunctions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are...
2007-04-23 tipaulmoving to
2007-04-04 tipaulHUGE COMMIT : code cleaning circulation.
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD
2006-07-21 toinssubs renamed according to coding guidelines.
2006-05-21 kadossyncing dev-week and HEAD
2005-09-22 tipaulsee mail on koha-devel : code cleaning on
2005-08-04 tipaulsynch'ing 2.2 and head
2005-07-06 joshferrarosynching with rel_2_2
2005-05-04 tipaulsynch'ing 2.2 and head
2005-03-01 tipaulmerging 2.2 branch with head. Sorry for not making...
2004-11-08 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-09-15 tipaulreservation is impossible if the borrower has a card...
2004-01-08 oleonardAdded Paul's LibraryName variable to template
2003-09-18 tipaulafter a reserve, go to search, not to user page
2003-09-18 tipaulall those fixes are related to translation improvement.
2003-05-15 tipaulfix C$ instead of C4
2003-05-08 wolfpac444Bug fixes
2003-05-05 tipaulfix for 394
2003-04-29 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2003-03-26 wolfpac444*** empty log message ***
2003-03-19 tipaulfixes missing
2003-03-18 finlaytfixed so that it works with the old templates too
2003-03-18 finlaytfixed a couple of bugs. Note this version of opac-reser...
2003-02-27 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2003-02-06 acliRemoved check for IS (bug 202)
2003-02-05 acliAdded missing "use" statement
2003-02-02 acliMoved C4/ to C4/Interface/CGI/
2002-12-19 tipaullittle bugfixes for opac templated.
2002-12-04 finlaytmerged in changes from the rel-1-2 branch into the...
2002-10-13 arensbRemoved trailing whitespace.
2002-10-03 finlaytadded these files from the rel-1-2 branch. This is...