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2007-12-02 Paul POULAINHTML::Template => HTML::Template::Pro
2007-11-27 Owen LeonardEnabling FRBR system pref for OPAC, to enable/disable...
2007-11-26 Joshua Ferraromuch-awaited web-based self-checkout system
2007-11-26 Joshua Ferraroforward-porting default sort by options
2007-11-26 Joshua Ferraroadding numSearchResults and OPACnumSearchResults
2007-11-25 Galen Charltonnew C4::Auth::get_session for single place to get CGI...
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroadding back count of remaining renewals to OPAC
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroadd OPAC hidelostitems and suppression from dev_week
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1352: 'Suggestions Link Should Force Patron...
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarofixing masthead query detection, fixing author and...
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarosearchdesc improvements, more opac fixes
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroadding limit_cgi_not_availablity which is identical to
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarostarting work on porting search to OPAC
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardTweaks to opac-detail, opac-results. Many changes to...
2007-11-20 Owen LeonardFinishing first round of OPAC updates. Lost of unstanda...
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroadding xisbn, amazon similar items to OPAC
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroadding export feature to OPAC
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINporting sort_by stuff from staff to opac
2007-11-14 Owen LeonardBeginning redesign of the OPAC. At this stage it's...
2007-11-12 Paul POULAINbugfix to limit search to branch in OPAC
2007-11-06 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug FIX : ISBD links to pages should be changed in...
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINfixing buildQuery call to new API
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINrevert kw,wrdl search (part 2)
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINShow images only if there is one
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFix for a bug in reserves, if a charge was incurred...
2007-10-25 Joshua FerraroRevert "reverting defaut-search-on-kw-wrdl and doing...
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINreverting defaut-search-on-kw-wrdl and doing it elsewhere
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINdefaut search on kw,wrdl
2007-10-19 Henri-Damien LAURENTOrdering items on holdingbranch for ISBD.
2007-10-18 Chris CormackPatch from Joe Atzberger to remove $Id$ and $Log$ from...
2007-10-17 Paul POULAINbugfix for top issues, for branch selector
2007-10-17 Paul POULAINSearchMyLibraryFirst : reintroducing behaviour (from...
2007-10-17 Paul POULAINopac-logout fixed
2007-10-17 Paul POULAINauthorities : Adding sorting option to opac & sorting...
2007-10-12 Ryan Higginsadding GetMarcUrls() fcn to display 856's - adding...
2007-10-12 Paul POULAIN#1255 : flagged patron can't renew
2007-10-11 Paul POULAINSorting Branches by Branchcode on display.
2007-10-10 Paul POULAIN(minor) bugfixing topissues (no limit query)
2007-10-10 Paul POULAINremoving comment
2007-10-08 Paul POULAIN#1456, automatically suggest user branch as pickup...
2007-10-07 Joshua FerraroFix for 1279: Detail page should display error message...
2007-10-03 Paul POULAIN#1455 (placing reserve from OPAC)
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINsome cleaning in Auth
2007-10-01 Chris CormackFix for a bug in reserves, if a charge was incurred...
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINBUGFIX (minor)
2007-09-29 Joshua Ferrarogenericize spsuggest feature
2007-09-27 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : updating opac-logout to deal with CGI::Sessions
2007-09-24 Paul POULAINBUGFIX #670
2007-09-24 Paul POULAINBUGFIX for 1309 (displayXXX in
2007-08-09 Joshua FerraroRevert "new virtual shelves changes, keyed by biblionum...
2007-08-09 Joshua Ferraronew virtual shelves changes, keyed by biblionumber...
2007-08-09 Joshua Ferraronew virtual shelves changes, keyed by biblionumber
2007-08-08 Joshua Ferraroupdate to virtual shelves -- approved
2007-08-08 Joshua Ferraroworking on virtual shelves cleanup, partially finished
2007-08-08 Joshua Ferraropatches from paul
2007-08-08 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-08 Joshua FerraroMerge branch 'master' of /usr/local/git/koha_base.git/
2007-08-08 Paul POULAINremoving 2 useless files
2007-08-08 Paul POULAINfixing buggy reserve script
2007-08-08 Paul POULAINremoved useless systempref
2007-08-07 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-07 Chris CormackScript to allow patrons to download the due dates for...
2007-08-03 kadosperltidy
2007-08-03 Chris CormackPerltidy
2007-08-03 Chris CormackPerltidy
2007-08-02 tipauladding file just for creating the rss directory
2007-07-31 toinsfix indentation.
2007-07-20 hdlBug Fixing Norequests was not right.
2007-07-20 hdlPutting order list into Template rather than setting...
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-11 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-11 hdladding maintenance script to warn users when maintenanc...
2007-07-08 kadosCleaning up perldocs for make utility that MJ wrote...
2007-07-06 hdlBug Fixing:
2007-06-06 tipaulimproving opac default CSS to have a npl/ccfls like...
2007-05-28 tipaulmerging opac details only for items with the same branc...
2007-05-23 tipaulvarious bugfixes (minor) and french translation updated
2007-05-22 tipaulBugfixes & improvements (various and minor) :
2007-05-22 hdlChanging GetMarcStructure signature.
2007-05-11 alaurinminor bugfixing for reservations
2007-05-10 tipaulKoha NoZebra :
2007-05-09 tipaulcopyright & licence added
2007-05-09 tipaulNEW feature : RSS feeds. See POD & koha-devel for details
2007-04-27 hdlRemoving $dbh from GetMarcFromKohaField (dbh is not...
2007-04-25 hdlGetBorrowerIssues is deleted from C4::Circulation
2007-04-24 tipaulBIG COMMIT : cleaning of See detail on...
2007-04-24 hdlStill Code Cleaning.
2007-04-24 hdlfunctions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are...
2007-04-23 tipaulmoving to
2007-04-23 hdlCode Cleaning Members.
2007-04-18 tipaulremoving all useless %env / $env
2007-04-17 tipaulcirculation cleaning continued: bufixing
2007-04-06 hdlCode Cleaning : AuthoritiesMARC.
2007-04-04 tipaulHUGE COMMIT : code cleaning circulation.
2007-03-29 tipaulCode cleaning of (continued)
2007-03-29 tipaulCode cleaning :
2007-03-28 hdlremoving $dbh as a parameter in AuthoritiesMarc functions
2007-03-27 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-03-16 kadosUsing my precrash CVS copy I did the following:
2007-03-09 tipaulrel_3_0 moved to HEAD (introducing new files)