2007-10-03 Henri-Damien... BUG FIXING : Using LEFT JOIN in replacement of implicit...
2007-10-03 Henri-Damien... History was broken by my correction on SQL for SearchHi...
2007-10-03 Paul POULAINNo need of wrdl for kw search
2007-10-03 Paul POULAINremoving warn
2007-10-03 Paul POULAINupdating opac searches, same as librarian
2007-10-03 Paul POULAINbugfix $itemtype => $value
2007-10-03 Paul POULAIN#1445 checking that there is an expiry date
2007-10-03 Paul POULAIN(minor) updating doc & removing warn
2007-10-03 Paul POULAIN#1450 (marc21 plugins)
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferraroadd tip to branches for IP feature
2007-10-03 Paul POULAIN#1449: Installer improved to add a zebra/Nozebra screen
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferrarofix to the new input param
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferraroadding new input to marc21 plugins
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferrarorestoring marc21 plugin templates
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1451
2007-10-03 Joshua Ferrarochmod 644 on all modules
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINFIX for #1441 (AutoLocate not work as advertised)
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINfix for #1430 (subscription add fails)
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINunimarc specific : sorting on date-of-publication
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINoups, sorry, missing #
2007-10-02 Henri-Damien... Adding itemtypes and branches in MARCdetail BugFixing...
2007-10-02 Henri-Damien... Bug FIXING : Some SQL queries had an old SQL 4.1 form.
2007-10-02 Henri-Damien... BUG FIXING + Modification in API for DelIssue
2007-10-02 Henri-Damien... filefind.png. Why not having the same architecture...
2007-10-02 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing : page changes were broken for unimarcfield_...
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINsome cleaning in Auth
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINremoving un-open TMPL_IF
2007-10-02 Owen LeonardRefining holds menu display; restructuring forgotton...
2007-10-02 Owen LeonardSeveral changes: - add check in link to circulation...
2007-10-02 Owen LeonardMore work to toolbars and menus. Adding experimental...
2007-10-02 Owen LeonardFixes for Bug 1457. Also replacing calendar widget...
2007-10-02 Joe AtzbergerLogical error where closing tags for LI and OL were...
2007-10-02 Chris CatalfoRemoved obsolete member entry templates.
2007-10-02 Chris CatalfoAdded basic MARC21 index definitions.
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINadding a message if browser table is empty
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINBUGFIX for browser and nozebra tables
2007-10-02 Paul POULAINBUGFIX for 1447: Duplicate record function fails
2007-10-02 Joshua Ferrarochanging the name of the zebra password file to passwd
2007-10-02 Joshua Ferraroimprovements to zebra dirs, adding READMEs to preserve...
2007-10-02 Joshua Ferraroupdating fund field length and normalizing brancode
2007-10-02 Chris CormackFix for bug 1454
2007-10-02 Chris CormackFix for 1431, checking userid is unique
2007-10-01 Chris CormackFix for a bug in reserves, if a charge was incurred...
2007-10-01 Joshua Ferrarosample label data
2007-10-01 Joshua Ferraromore marc21 sample data
2007-10-01 Joshua Ferrarocommenting out set_service_options, but also removes...
2007-10-01 MJ RayUpdate instructions to match latest installer settings.
2007-10-01 MJ RayUpdate instructions about MySQL and Zebra
2007-10-01 MJ RayAdd more zebra configuration
2007-10-01 Joshua Ferrarofixes last two sysprefs explanation values
2007-10-01 Joshua FerraroAdding two missing sysprefs
2007-10-01 Ryan Higginsfix bad call to GetMarcFromKohaField in bulkmarcimport...
2007-10-01 Chris CormackFix for bug 1436, changing to use issuedate, not timest...
2007-10-01 Joshua Ferraronomenclature fixes, changing document to item
2007-10-01 Joshua FerraroVast improvements to marc21 bib and auth definitions
2007-10-01 Joshua FerraroRemove NOT NULL for new columns in biblioitems as they
2007-09-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1437, items not showing on moredetail.pl
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraromore sample data for English
2007-09-30 Ryan Higginsfix column spelling errors and inconsistency btwn kohas...
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINBUGFIX: we show the 1st page, that is numbered 0
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINBUGFIX (minor)
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINFIX for 1418 (Notices (letters) overdues actions busted)
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINjust reindenting
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINBug Fixing :
2007-09-30 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : I forgot to add the random part of UpSubfield...
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarochanging nomenclature of notice/status triggers feature
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarolisting valid authority types
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraromore auth cleaning
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarominor cleanup of authorities home
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarorevive IntranetmainUserblock syspref, three-column...
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraroimprovements to nomenclature for English
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraroimprovements to the system preferences
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarofixing sloppy coding in moremember.pl: 500 error when...
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraroremove test data from branches template
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraronomenclature to branches
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarofixing marc21 authorities defs
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraronomenclature changes and improvements to breadcrumb...
2007-09-30 Joshua FerraroSmall nomenclature change, add types
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferraroimproving sample patron data
2007-09-30 Joshua Ferrarominor adjustments to frameworks
2007-09-30 Chris CormackFixing logic error that was busting templates.
2007-09-29 Joshua Ferraroremoving confusing display of patron category from...
2007-09-29 Joshua Ferrarogenericize spsuggest feature
2007-09-29 Joshua Ferraromissing ) caused install to fail! We need to test chang...
2007-09-29 Owen LeonardGeneral work on menus and toolbars, as well as some...
2007-09-29 Owen LeonardMore tweaks to holds interface. Using js to link hold...
2007-09-29 Joshua Ferrarofixing hardcoded borrowernumber
2007-09-28 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing, again password was not crypted.
2007-09-28 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing : crypting password before storing them...
2007-09-28 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing: verifying that biblionumber is not already...
2007-09-28 Chris CormackFixing syntax error
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesadding debuglevel syspref too, v3.00.00.004
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesupdate version-number
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesadding cgi::carp module too
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesadding carp debuglevel syspref
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesadded debuglevel syspref, to control error message...
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesadding debuglevel to admin tab
2007-09-28 Mason Jamesadding CGI::Carp handling handle_errors() sub to top...
2007-09-27 Chris CormackFix for hardcoded borrowernumber in this template
2007-09-27 Chris CormackFix for bug with request.pl not showing an error messag...