2006-09-01 tgarip1957New XML API
2006-09-01 tgarip1957Settings for UTF-8 only. New dependency HTML::Template...
2006-09-01 tgarip1957New XML handling of data
2006-09-01 tgarip1957New framework handling. New koha_attr table for mapping...
2006-09-01 thdFor MARC 21, instead of deleting the whole subfield...
2006-09-01 tgarip1957MARCXML only. No more MARC record. No more non-marc...
2006-09-01 tgarip1957Read XML. Sytem preference retrive_from to wheter read...
2006-09-01 tgarip1957No more MARC Records - everything is MARC XML
2006-08-25 tgarip1957New indexing stylsheets for zebra
2006-08-25 tgarip1957New set of routines for HEAD.
2006-08-24 btoumibug fix:modifry wrong url in moremember.tmpl
2006-08-24 btoumibug fix: wrong address for redirect in mancredit.pl...
2006-08-24 btoumibug fix :modify test syntax for borrowermandatoryfield
2006-08-23 btoumibug fix :add new condition in javascript to eliminate...
2006-08-23 btoumiadd value for formfieldlist in all template ( A,C,P...
2006-08-21 toinsAdd a forgetted function : getbibliofromitemnumber
2006-08-11 tipauldeleting "illegal" PROG included files
2006-08-11 tipaulfixing some bugs in subscription add.
2006-08-11 tipauladding menu-tools item
2006-08-11 toinstemplate for opac-zoomsearch.
2006-08-11 toinsusing opac-zoomsearch.pl instead of opac-search.pl
2006-08-11 toinsfix broken link.
2006-08-11 toinsAdd "ISO 10646 (Unicode)" for '100$a'.
2006-08-11 toinsuse C4::Search; replace use C4::SearchMarc;
2006-08-11 toinsfix POD error...
2006-08-11 toinsre-input an old function.
2006-08-11 toinsAdd a call to C4::Members & GPL added.
2006-08-11 toinsallow to search with zoom on opac. (sync with dev_week)
2006-08-11 toinsSome usefuls functions were commented.
2006-08-11 tipaulreintroducing letters management dropped by toins synch
2006-08-11 tipaulfixing a bug in template ('missing /tmpl_if)
2006-08-11 tipaulthe new "includes" features, for personalized templates...
2006-08-11 tipaulproof of concept for includes directory (for html templ...
2006-08-11 tipaulupdating a little the templates (main menu on the left...
2006-08-11 toinsAdd a call to C4::Members & GPL added.
2006-08-10 toinsAdd a call to C4::Biblio.pm
2006-08-10 toinsC4::SearchMarc replaced by C4::Search
2006-08-10 toinssync with dev_week.
2006-08-10 toinsC4::SearchMarc is deprecated now. it is totaly replaced...
2006-08-10 toinsthis module is unused now.
2006-08-10 toinsC4::SearchMarc is deprecated now.
2006-08-10 toinsadd a filter on text file.
2006-08-10 toinssync with dev_week.
2006-08-10 toinssync with dev_week.
2006-08-10 thdMoved publication, distribution details fields and...
2006-08-09 thdImproved subfield visibility settings and corrected...
2006-08-09 thdSignificantly corrected ASMP custom books framework...
2006-08-08 thdASMP custom MARC 21 bibliographic frameworks.
2006-08-08 thdRemoved ASMP custom frameworks from standard default...
2006-08-08 thdAdded some missing and changed subfields as well as...
2006-08-07 toinsPOD updated.
2006-08-07 toinsfix bad link to order.pl. The new one is to booksellers.pl.
2006-08-02 kadosrolling back previous merge, will do manually
2006-08-02 toinscall to suggestion-select.pl changed by call to neworde...
2006-08-02 toinsfix bad link.
2006-08-02 toinsnewordersuggestion.tmpl replaces suggestion-select...
2006-08-02 toinsnewordersuggestion.pl replaces suggestion-select.pl
2006-08-02 toinschange link to newbiblio.pl to neworderempty.pl .
2006-08-02 toinschange link to newbiblio to neworderempty.
2006-08-02 toinsneworderempty.tmpl replaces newbiblio.tmpl
2006-08-02 toinsneworderempty.pl replaces newbiblio.pl
2006-08-02 toinsneworderbiblio.pl replaces newbasket2.pl
2006-08-02 toinsneworderbiblio.tmpl replaces newbasket2.tmpl
2006-08-01 toinsfix bad link.
2006-08-01 toinsorder.tmpl is replaced by booksellers.tmpl
2006-08-01 toinsSome SQL code moved into Acquisition.pm
2006-08-01 toinsChange link to order.pl to booksellers.pl
2006-08-01 toinsorder.pl renamed to booksellers.pl
2006-08-01 toinsPOD added.
2006-08-01 toinsAdd a call to GetOrderNumber.
2006-08-01 toinsNew Function : ModOrderBiblioNumber.
2006-08-01 toinsFix some broken links & renamed some function.
2006-08-01 toinsGetBasketContent renamed to GetOrders.
2006-08-01 toinsAdd a call to GetOrderNumber
2006-08-01 toins$selected deleted.
2006-08-01 toinsGetAllOrders renamed to GetPendingOrders.
2006-08-01 toins* Function GetBasketContent renamed to GetOrders.
2006-07-31 toinsAdd a call to Acquisition.pm
2006-07-31 toinsfix minor bug in POD.
2006-07-31 toinsNew function "GetBookFundsId" : this function get the...
2006-07-31 toinsPOD added, Call to Bookfund.pm added, SQL code movde...
2006-07-31 toinsFIXME added.
2006-07-31 toinsPOD added, Call to Bookseller.pm added. Some functions...
2006-07-31 toinsPOD added. Call to Bookfund.pm & Bookseller.pm added...
2006-07-31 toinsCode cleaned.
2006-07-31 toins3 New functions : NewBookFund, DelBookFund & SearchBook...
2006-07-31 toinsGPL & POD added,
2006-07-31 toinsCall to Bookfund.pm & Bokkseller.pm added. POD added.
2006-07-31 toinsSubs renamed
2006-07-31 toinslist of pending/receive records added.
2006-07-31 toinsCode cleaned. POD added. Subs renamed/rewrited/added....
2006-07-31 toinsCode cleaned. POD added & some subs renamed/rewrited...
2006-07-28 toinsmodify input parameters for GetOrder.
2006-07-28 toinsmodify input parameter for GetOrder function.
2006-07-28 toinsthis file has been replaced by parcels.tmpl
2006-07-28 toinsthis file has been replaced by parcel.tmpl
2006-07-28 toinsthis file has been replaced by orderreceive.tmpl
2006-07-27 toinsCode cleaned. POD added & somes sub renamed/rewrited.
2006-07-27 toinsCode cleaned. POD added. Some sub renamed & API changed.
2006-07-27 toinsAdd a call to Bookfund & 1 sub renamed.