2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroadding a space between query and limit concat
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroremoving single-quotes from subject links
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroadding flags for some advanced search features
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferraroremove wrdl
2007-11-25 Joshua Ferrarotelling the user what stopwords have been removed from the
2007-11-24 Joshua Ferraromore work on nozebra
2007-11-24 Joshua Ferraroremoving faulty /TMPL_IF from header
2007-11-24 Joshua Ferrarochange to use <optgroup>
2007-11-24 Joshua Ferraroadding $DEBUG warnings to nozebra
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardCorrecting error which removed default stylesheet if...
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferrarofixing boolean AND searching
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferraroswitching from searchdesc to query_desc and limit_desc,
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferraropreserve sort_by choice in facets
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferraroremoving sanatized operand, we can now handle non-sanat...
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferrarofixing sort_by for page numbers
2007-11-22 Joshua Ferraroadding query_inputs to build the query as a set of...
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardCorrection to masthead.inc--search error messages weren...
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardTweaks to opac-detail, opac-results. Many changes to...
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardMore changes to opac suggestions, including enabling...
2007-11-22 Chris NighswongerCorrected bad pathing for default Perl base dir. Defaul...
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardMore OPAC updates, including changes to how virtual...
2007-11-22 Owen LeonardBugfixing interface issues. Also enabling contextual...
2007-11-21 Joshua FerraroMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraroadding query_cgi to facets
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraromoving page numbers to it's own include
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarofixing page numbers to use query_cgi
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraroreverting to more mature page numbering system
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraromore fixes: limit by branch working
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarofixing mc-* group OR queries (checkboxs)
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarochanging item-level itemtype index to itype to avoid...
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraroadding $simple_search for index scanning and federated...
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarorefactoring how limits are built, first working version
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraros/homebranch/branch/
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferrarouse 'branch' rather than 'homebranch'
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraroadding missing search qualifiers
2007-11-21 Joshua Ferraroadding missing search qualifiers
2007-11-21 Galen Charltonbiblios integration: added MARC bib add and replace...
2007-11-21 Galen Charltonbibllios integration: added authentication
2007-11-21 Galen Charltonstarted biblios integration
2007-11-21 Galen Charltonbiblios integration: added bib_profile API
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferrarocleanup for search patches after merge
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroadding diagnostic debug option
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferrarofixes to fielded searches, truncation, field weighting...
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroremoving repeatable fields at the item level
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraromoving search indexes into an include
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferrarofixing asc and dsc to match for resort form
2007-11-20 Mason JamesMARCSUBJECT template loops structure was incorrect...
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINadding yellow style for search term
2007-11-20 Mason JamesGetNoZebraIndexes() regex now handles naughty whitespac...
2007-11-20 MJ RayUpdated name following email from Joshua Ferraro about...
2007-11-20 Ryan HigginsAdding calendar widget to circulation/stickyduedate
2007-11-20 Owen LeonardFinishing first round of OPAC updates. Lost of unstanda...
2007-11-20 Owen LeonardOPAC update
2007-11-20 Owen LeonardTesting changes to styling of view menu in staff client...
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINadding 2 deps to export biblios in dc format
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINbetter to have verbose=0
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINbugfix : we need to give the booksellerid to the biblio...
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINremove a SQL limit & the items table stuff
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINeverybody, says 100 times : "It's forbidden to put...
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINchanging the way subjects are build in detail.pl
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINLoan length fixes (default branch is now '*', not '')
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINstill handling better dirty MARC records
2007-11-20 Henri-Damien... Minor Bug Fixing NZorder showed inverted orders for...
2007-11-20 Mason Jameslittle SQL typo fix, now builds 'NoZebraIndexes' index...
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroadding xisbn, amazon similar items to OPAC
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraronomenclature improvements for translation
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroadding endnote export and 'related items'
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINfixing rebuildnonmarc.pl
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINchanging the way subjects are build in detail.pl
2007-11-20 Henri-Damien... numberingpattern was disimissed when editing a subscription
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINBUGFIX in asc and desc merged for dates
2007-11-20 Paul POULAINremoving 2 useless lines
2007-11-20 Galen Charltonbugfix: correct class sort rule not selected when editi...
2007-11-20 Paul POULAIN#1546 REPLACE statements (continued)
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroadding export feature to OPAC
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraromore nomenclature / translation cleanup
2007-11-20 Joshua Ferraroremoving warn from XISBN.pm
2007-11-19 Joshua Ferraroremove unnecessary module
2007-11-18 Chris CormackCouple of little fixes to the zebraqueue daemon
2007-11-18 Chris CormackDaemon to look after the zebraqueue
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINbugfix : don't show previously entered values again...
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINmoving authority-auth-number to 8910 again
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINchanging the way subjects are build in detail.pl
2007-11-17 Henri-Damien... libs for Authorised_values for items were not displayed
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINadding some missing equiv. WARNING : UTF-8 file
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINNoZebra : fix on the last page in case there is more...
2007-11-17 Paul POULAIN(unimarc) moving items declaration after it's subfields
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINupdating unimarc zebra config file
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINmissing biblionumber AND missing unimarc 100 was not...
2007-11-17 Henri-Damien... BUG FIX OPAC sort results was broken
2007-11-17 Paul POULAINporting sort_by stuff from staff to opac
2007-11-17 Joe AtzbergerMembers.pm: 1 stupid change (whitespace) and 1 real...
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferrarofixing facets, add cardview (XSLT), adding dependencies...
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferraroadding xisbn support
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferraroanother nomenclature issue
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferraroadding a diacritic to the sample library data
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferrarodatabase changes for xisbn support
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferrarochanging 'agency categories' to 'groups'
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferrarochanging nomenclature to Libraries ... we do need to...
2007-11-17 Joshua Ferrarochanging terminology for resort options