2004-07-12 oleonardAdding 'even' variable to pass to template to facilitat...
2004-07-12 doxultingFunctions for Basket sending
2004-07-09 doxultingForm template for sending basket
2004-07-09 doxultingTemplate for sending basket
2004-07-09 doxultingBasket template modification
2004-07-09 doxultingBasket sending added
2004-07-08 oleonardorderby variable added to page links so that multiple...
2004-07-08 oleonardorderby variable must be passed to template so that...
2004-07-08 doxultingAuthorities
2004-07-06 doxultingNew stuff for authorities
2004-07-06 tipaulbaskets in OPAC
2004-07-06 tipauladding 2 free fields that can be used for sorting purposes
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC record view - basket added
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC style sheet - basket element added
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC top - basket added
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC basket top
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC basket menu
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC Basket bottom .inc file
2004-07-05 doxultingTemplate for OPAC basket
2004-07-05 doxultingOPAC basket CGI
2004-07-05 doxultingJavascript functions for OPAC basket management
2004-07-05 doxultingFirst step for working authorities
2004-07-05 doxultingFirst step for working authorities
2004-07-02 tipaulAdding 2 new fields, called "sort1" and "sort2"
2004-07-02 tipaulbugfix (due to frameworkcode field)
2004-06-29 tipaullast sync for 2.1.0 release
2004-06-29 tipaulMARC structure updated for 2.1.0
2004-06-29 doxultingDebugged issuing rules n01
2004-06-29 tipaulmoving release notes to specific directory
2004-06-29 tipaulfiles in french/unimarc to be selected by the user...
2004-06-29 tipaulmoved to "french" directory
2004-06-29 tipaulAdding "directory-select" feature to the "select sql...
2004-06-26 rangiRemoving subjects and additionalauthors (they dont...
2004-06-26 rangiSubjects and additional authors now added at this point
2004-06-26 rangiAccepts subjects separated by | or \n
2004-06-26 rangiFixing typo
2004-06-26 rangiTaking out subjects and additional authors these belong...
2004-06-26 rangiFixing modaddauthor, and adding getitemtypes.
2004-06-26 rangiShifting additional author and subjects back to the...
2004-06-25 doxultingdebugged framework interface. Frameworks for ensmp...
2004-06-23 tipaulfixes in DB structure
2004-06-23 tipaulremoving old stuff
2004-06-23 tipaulCVS cleaning
2004-06-23 tipaulmissing images
2004-06-23 tipaulfrench updates
2004-06-23 tipaulfrench template (not uptodate)
2004-06-23 tipaul2 online help files
2004-06-22 oleonardMinor changes to correct for validity (quoting attribut...
2004-06-22 oleonardValidity fixes, etc.
2004-06-22 oleonardTried to get these working like other CSS-ified pages
2004-06-22 oleonardChanges to fix link, clarify text, make more valid
2004-06-22 oleonardChanging help link to be friendlier to non-javascript...
2004-06-22 oleonardAdding special marc-related top include so that marc...
2004-06-22 oleonardRe-adding background image specified in intranet stylesheet
2004-06-22 tipaulsome improvements in SearchMarc
2004-06-22 tipauluninstaller
2004-06-22 tipauladding new feature to installer :
2004-06-22 tipaulremoving % at the beginning of a string to avoid loooon...
2004-06-22 tipauladding auto-install option.
2004-06-22 tipauladding -s (silent) flag, to have a silent install.
2004-06-22 tipaul- online help for marc search
2004-06-22 tipaulchanges in search method :
2004-06-21 oleonardSince IDs can't be used twice, some IDs have been dupli...
2004-06-21 oleonardMinor changes to correct for validity (quoting attribut...
2004-06-21 oleonardCorrecting redirect path
2004-06-21 oleonardCorrecting path to template
2004-06-21 oleonardCorrecting path to template
2004-06-21 oleonardAdding biblionumber variable to template so title listi...
2004-06-21 tipaul* uninstaller.pl to uninstall Koha
2004-06-21 tipaulkoha.mysql in 2.0 by default. Cleaning of updatedatabas...
2004-06-21 tipaulimporting iso2709 authority file
2004-06-18 oleonardMinor changes to correct for validity
2004-06-18 oleonardEncoding ampersand
2004-06-18 oleonardCorrecting broken link, fixing tag case, removing depre...
2004-06-17 tipaulmissing Marc_Search index on marc_word
2004-06-17 tipaulDB modifs : merging tag & subfield in marc_word table
2004-06-17 tipaulimprovements in OPAC
2004-06-17 tipaulminor bugfix
2004-06-17 tipaulcss'ing reports
2004-06-17 tipaulbugfixes in circulation
2004-06-17 tipaulminor bugfix (authorities link missing)
2004-06-17 tipaulbugfixes in bookshelves
2004-06-17 tipauldeleting unused template
2004-06-17 tipaulcss'ing acquisitions
2004-06-17 tipaulauthorities (continued)
2004-06-17 tipaulbugfixes
2004-06-17 tipaulISBD in librarian interface
2004-06-17 tipaulbugfixes in circulation
2004-06-17 tipaulmerging tag & subfield in marc_word for better perfs
2004-06-17 tipaulmerging tag & subfield in auth_word for better perfs
2004-06-11 joshferraroChanges MARCaddword to index words >= 1 char ... needed...
2004-06-11 joshferraroThis script builds a new marc_word
2004-06-11 joshferraroFixes problems with searching using terms that contain...
2004-06-10 tipaulISBD view, minor fix
2004-06-10 tipaulMARC authority management (continued)
2004-06-10 tipaulMARC authority management (continued)
2004-06-10 tipaulMARC authority management (continued)
2004-06-07 doxultingThe files launching the templates
2004-06-07 doxulting*** empty log message ***
2004-06-07 doxultingNew UNIMARC french Plugins for ensmp by Jean Baron...