2007-09-04 Owen LeonardCleanup of catalogue files, previously excluded from...
2007-09-04 Owen LeonardCleanup on Serials. Markup corrections and cleanup...
2007-09-04 Paul POULAINBUGFIX (major) : when editing an existing biblio, bibli...
2007-09-04 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : due to the new template structure, the up...
2007-09-04 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : missing <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
2007-09-04 Paul POULAINdetermining language for OPAC correctly, until new...
2007-09-04 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : deal with repeatable values when retrieving...
2007-09-04 Chris CormackTest for C4::Branch
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINdetermining theme/language path
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINupdating french translation
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINremoving a lot of useless files in misc
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINadding Algorithm::CheckDigits dependancy, for barcode...
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINcommenting Smart::Comments
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINsome spelling fixes
2007-09-03 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : get available language and theme
2007-08-30 Joshua Ferrarofixing help feature with new template structure
2007-08-30 Joshua Ferraroperltidy help.pl
2007-08-30 Owen LeonardMoving top-level navigation links, login information...
2007-08-30 Joshua Ferrarofixing inproper CGI header, again
2007-08-30 Owen LeonardMoving </head><body> into body of templates so that...
2007-08-30 Owen LeonardTesting new changes to Auth.pm to allow passing of...
2007-08-29 Joshua Ferraroadding support for js includes
2007-08-29 Joshua Ferrarofinishing up changes to cascades
2007-08-29 Joshua Ferraroadding levels for library, module, page and widgets...
2007-08-28 Owen Leonardreset-fonts-grids.css is the YUI-Grids stylesheet
2007-08-28 Owen LeonardMore changes to enable YUI-Grids CSS layout
2007-08-28 Owen LeonardModifications to enable YUI-Grids layout structure...
2007-08-28 MJ RayDisable tests
2007-08-28 MJ RayInstall koha through the CPAN module
2007-08-28 Henri-Damien... BUG FIX
2007-08-28 Owen LeonardCorrections for XHTML compliance, again.
2007-08-28 Chris CormackRemoving windows linefeeds to get a patch to apply
2007-08-24 Chris CormackRemoving \r characters
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferraroremoving unused countryCodes dir
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferraromoving calendar to lib
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferraromove all css in includes to css dir
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferraromove hierarchy.css to css dir
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferraromoved images to img fixed installer path for templates
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferraroremoving old barcodes, itemsLabelConfig, and printerConfig
2007-08-24 Joshua Ferrarofirst go at moving templates to a modules/ dir
2007-08-24 Chris CormackFixing a bug that occured if Koha wasnt installed,...
2007-08-23 Joshua FerraroRemoving old PO files, removing clutter
2007-08-23 Joshua FerraroRemoving unused export files, better tools exist
2007-08-23 Henri-Damien... Adding new feature : creating authorities on-the-fly.
2007-08-21 Thomas DuklethAdding Koha MARC 21 standard authorities frameworks...
2007-08-20 Owen LeonardCorrecting <!-- TMPL_IF -->'s nested inside HTML (break...
2007-08-20 Henri-Damien... Modifying AddAuthorities in order to fix encoding bugs.
2007-08-20 Henri-Damien... Modifying AddBiblio in order to fix some encoding bugs...
2007-08-20 Henri-Damien... removing call to Date::Manip
2007-08-20 Henri-Damien... removing Date::Manip usage
2007-08-20 Henri-Damien... Deleting Date::Manip
2007-08-19 Joshua Ferraromoving sql data to installer directory
2007-08-18 Joshua Ferraroadding label manager sql
2007-08-18 Ryan HigginsAdding labels generator.
2007-08-18 Ryan Higginsadding labels_templates table
2007-08-18 Ryan Higginsupdating labels_conf table with extra koha columns
2007-08-18 Joshua Ferraro1. remove quotes around integer values
2007-08-18 Paul POULAINloading template 1st to have userenv set + fixing javas...
2007-08-18 Paul POULAINordering supplier list & reindenting a little
2007-08-16 Owen LeonardAdding missing barcode.pl
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINchanging Session table structure (due to CGI::Sessions)
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINremoving useless script
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINAdding KOHAVERSION management.
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINAdding KOHAVERSION management.
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINsome minor changes in template
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINshow callnumber in result list and update SQL by using...
2007-08-16 Paul POULAINadding supplier deletion feature.
2007-08-16 Joshua Ferrarocontent-type was incorrectly set in InstallAuth.pm
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINreintroducing an important line in TransformeMarcToKoha
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINfixes to fine management
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINspelling error
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINshow the departure date if close or past
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINsome template cleaning, using right action tool bar...
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINfixing cleanborrowers
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINshow username instead of cardnumber
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINdon't show the issuer on OPAC
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINfix bug in calendar handling
2007-08-15 Paul POULAINThis commit fixes a bug in biblio encoding. things...
2007-08-13 Joshua Ferraroremoving some unused directories
2007-08-13 Joshua Ferrarofixing permissions on scripts
2007-08-10 Chris CormackFixing a bug that was causing the installer to not...
2007-08-10 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-10 Joshua Ferrarorevisions to login page to make it pretty
2007-08-10 Chris CormackChanging InstallAuth to use CGI::Session and fixing...
2007-08-10 Chris CormackRemoving warn in Auth.pm
2007-08-10 Paul POULAINdon't check cardnumber on member modify
2007-08-10 Paul POULAINdunno why a char has been added before #!/usr/bin/perl
2007-08-09 Joshua FerraroRevert "set the branch at login"
2007-08-09 Joshua Ferraroworking on adding library logi
2007-08-09 Chris CormackMerge branch 'mymerges'
2007-08-09 Joshua Ferraropatch to fix marc21 leader
2007-08-09 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of /home/jmf/repos/koha-rm-root...
2007-08-09 Paul POULAINadding a ExpandField feature to MARC editor : all subfi...
2007-08-09 Paul POULAINpagination did not work anymore : we stepped only 1...
2007-08-09 Paul POULAINremoving the notes field from parcel recieve.
2007-08-09 Paul POULAINminor spelling fix, the column was not displayed
2007-08-09 Paul POULAINchanging permissions of some acqui scripts
2007-08-09 Paul POULAINupdating kohastructure.sql by removing some useless...
2007-08-09 Joshua FerraroRevert "new virtual shelves changes, keyed by biblionum...