2007-07-16 toinsfix XHTML syntax error.
2007-07-16 hdlAdding a biblio can be executed in a popup now.
2007-07-16 hdlBug Fixing
2007-07-16 hdlAdding Summary for UNIMARC authorities
2007-07-16 hdlFindDuplicate works for an title itemtype author key.
2007-07-16 hdlAddBiblio can be executed as a popup now.
2007-07-16 toinsbug fix : bookbag was display even if opacbookbag syspr...
2007-07-16 hdl- two periodicities 2/day and 3/week
2007-07-16 hdlAdding popup stylesheet.
2007-07-15 rangiFix for bug 1313, silent failure when entering manual...
2007-07-13 toinsGPL added + tmpl display fix.
2007-07-13 toinssyntax error
2007-07-13 toinsadding a pagination bar
2007-07-13 toinsusing a white logo.
2007-07-13 toinsbug fix there was an internal servor error when there...
2007-07-12 hdlIn Serials-home.pl
2007-07-12 hdlminor changes
2007-07-12 hdlAdding some information to resultlists.
2007-07-12 hdlsystempreferences were too large.
2007-07-12 toinsoptimisation + encoding set.
2007-07-12 toinsbug fixing: there was a 500 error when GetReservesFromB...
2007-07-12 toinsdisplaying the query to search
2007-07-12 toinsremove duplicated line.
2007-07-12 toinsadding a pagination bar & displaying only 20 results...
2007-07-12 toinscomment unused code.
2007-07-12 toinsre indenting
2007-07-12 toinsusing 'our' instead of 'use vars' which is deprecated.
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : Deleting an unused variable
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : Reserves in OPAC or in intranet lead to...
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : GetNextSeq did not pass through innerloop...
2007-07-11 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-11 hdlminor changes in SQL
2007-07-11 hdladding maintenance script to warn users when maintenanc...
2007-07-11 hdlbug fixing install.pl
2007-07-11 hdlAdding KohaAdminEmailAdress
2007-07-10 toinsnew img
2007-07-10 toinsauto focus on search box
2007-07-10 toinssyspref already writed in Auth.pm
2007-07-10 toinsremoving note from results list
2007-07-10 toinsbug fix : Sometime importing biblio return no breedingid.
2007-07-10 toinssyspref are writed for the template in auth.pm
2007-07-10 hdlAdding macle_plugin for FRANTIQ
2007-07-10 hpassini*** empty log message ***
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : Dynamic change of framework in edition...
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : Dynamic change of framework in edition...
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : reserves in OPAC and intranet.
2007-07-08 rangiFix for bug 1376, prompting to save wrong filename...
2007-07-08 rangiFix for bug 1295 adding a borrower with the same cardnumber
2007-07-08 kadosCleaning up perldocs for make utility that MJ wrote...
2007-07-07 kadosadding defaultvalue definition
2007-07-06 hdlFeature porting :
2007-07-06 hdlBug Fixing:
2007-07-06 toinsdeleting a wrong and unused javascript code.
2007-07-06 hdlBug Fixing:
2007-07-05 slefytpo fixes in description and variables
2007-07-05 slefNew installer and exclusions file
2007-07-05 kadosType on the reference to the NISO standard for holdings,
2007-07-03 kadosreserves => holds, some language cleanup
2007-07-03 kadosmore instances of branches => libraries
2007-07-03 kadosreplacing SUPER with NO_LIBRARY_SET for login information
2007-07-03 kadosmore language improvements
2007-07-03 kadosDefault use the pretty CSS, not the programmer one...
2007-07-03 kadosThis is a language commit. I've gone through most of...
2007-07-03 kadosfix for bug 1369: sql-datas dir, pick a naming conventi...
2007-07-03 kadoswarning the user about the redirect after the install...
2007-07-03 kadosTurn off foreign key check for the installation
2007-07-03 tipaulimproving installer : now the database Version is compa...
2007-07-03 tipaulfixing some display bugs (itemtype not properly returne...
2007-07-03 tipauladding volume and volumeddesc field in the result list...
2007-07-03 tipaulreturn itemtype description properly
2007-07-03 tipaulif you just replace su by a space in subjects, you...
2007-07-03 tipauldo not use REPLACE in SQL statements : it is not standa...
2007-07-03 kadosadding a warn to log why we're redirecting to installer
2007-07-03 kadosReverting to previous version, kohastructure.sql file...
2007-07-02 tipaulleader length checking bugfix : 25 and not 24
2007-07-02 tipaulunimarc bugfix : the encoding is in field 100 in UNIMAR...
2007-07-02 tipaulfix to avoid an error when removing an authority
2007-07-02 tipaulfrench translations
2007-07-02 tipaulminor template changes
2007-07-02 tipaulminor code rewritte
2007-07-02 tipaulunimarc bugfix : the encoding is in field 100 in UNIMAR...
2007-07-02 tipauldon t display the 1 in location column if there is...
2007-07-02 rangiFix for bug 1296, making surnames uppercase a systems...
2007-07-02 rangiFix for bug 1314 manual credits broken
2007-07-02 rangiFix for bug 1365
2007-07-02 rangiFix for layout problem with css
2007-07-01 rangiMaking transferbook update the last seen date of the...
2007-07-01 slefUse DBI not mysql command-line to load the database...
2007-06-30 hdlserials-home.tmpl
2007-06-30 hdlserials-edit.pl
2007-06-30 hdlChanging GetSerials2 to take more than one status in...
2007-06-30 hdlReceive serials now display both late AND waited serials
2007-06-28 hdlAdding hierarchy for hierarchy showing in opac-authorit...
2007-06-28 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-06-28 hdlAdding link to moremember to directly email members.
2007-06-27 hdlRemoving some Warnings.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.