2007-08-02 tipauladding file just for creating the rss directory
2007-08-02 tipauladding XML::RSS as mandatory package (to have RSS working)
2007-08-01 tipaulsynch french templates
2007-08-01 tipauleval() on getAuthority & getBiblio to avoid a script...
2007-07-31 toinsfix indentation.
2007-07-31 toinsfixed to work with addbiblio.
2007-07-31 toinsdisplay enhancement.
2007-07-31 toinsplugin rewrited to works with addbiblio.
2007-07-31 toinsaddbiblio cleaned.
2007-07-31 toinsSome new functions.
2007-07-30 hpassini*** empty log message ***
2007-07-30 hpassini*** empty log message ***
2007-07-26 toinsXHTML validation.
2007-07-26 toinsthere is no detailprint for authorities
2007-07-26 toinsreindenting + removing unused syspref.
2007-07-26 toinsreally minor change : POD fixing, indentation & some...
2007-07-26 toinsadding 'kw' to search on keyword on non zebra mod
2007-07-26 toinsusing 'our' instead of 'use vars' + POD fixing.
2007-07-26 toinsremoving warn compilation.
2007-07-25 btoumiadd control of 'return date' if it 's a special or...
2007-07-24 toinsdisplay enhancement.
2007-07-24 toinsdo not write the result if there is no breeding id.
2007-07-20 hdlCreating Biblio if BiblioAddAuthorities is set in syste...
2007-07-20 hdlBug Fixing search order now relies on Template and...
2007-07-20 hdlBug Fixing search order and pagination link
2007-07-20 hdlBug Fixing GetMarcSubjects.
2007-07-20 hdlAdding tabs to shelves management (not tested.. It...
2007-07-20 hdlBug Fixing Norequests was not right.
2007-07-20 hdla query was not mysql5 compliant.
2007-07-20 hdladding popup to display biblio at inventory
2007-07-20 hdlAdding biblio.biblionumber to GetItemsfor Inventory
2007-07-20 hdlBug FIXING:
2007-07-20 toinsadding an eval to prevent an execption when getting...
2007-07-20 hdlPutting order list into Template rather than setting...
2007-07-20 hdlPutting order list into Template rather than setting...
2007-07-19 hdlAdding onloan field facility for zebra and unimarc...
2007-07-19 toinss/UNLESS/IF/
2007-07-19 toinsfix typo
2007-07-19 toinsrefine your search is not available on NoZebra.
2007-07-19 hdlAdding | as separation between authors and subjects...
2007-07-19 toinsfix typo
2007-07-19 hdlAdding some new fields to biblioitems:
2007-07-19 toinsadding an eval to don't die if an error occurs
2007-07-19 toinsdisable to change password if syspref is set to '0'
2007-07-19 toinsdo not show "change my password" if syspref is set...
2007-07-19 hdlAdding selection by location for inventory
2007-07-19 hdlAdding selection by location
2007-07-18 thdAdded missing initial NULL values for marc_subfield_str...
2007-07-18 slefAdd more modules - listed in about.pl but not "use...
2007-07-17 toinsusing LoginBranchnameShort instead of LoginBranchname.
2007-07-17 toinsbugfix, 500 error when member has no reserve
2007-07-16 toinsbug fix : do not display login box if opagloginuser...
2007-07-16 toinsfix XHTML syntax error.
2007-07-16 hdlAdding a biblio can be executed in a popup now.
2007-07-16 hdlBug Fixing
2007-07-16 hdlAdding Summary for UNIMARC authorities
2007-07-16 hdlFindDuplicate works for an title itemtype author key.
2007-07-16 hdlAddBiblio can be executed as a popup now.
2007-07-16 toinsbug fix : bookbag was display even if opacbookbag syspr...
2007-07-16 hdl- two periodicities 2/day and 3/week
2007-07-16 hdlAdding popup stylesheet.
2007-07-15 rangiFix for bug 1313, silent failure when entering manual...
2007-07-13 toinsGPL added + tmpl display fix.
2007-07-13 toinssyntax error
2007-07-13 toinsadding a pagination bar
2007-07-13 toinsusing a white logo.
2007-07-13 toinsbug fix there was an internal servor error when there...
2007-07-12 hdlIn Serials-home.pl
2007-07-12 hdlminor changes
2007-07-12 hdlAdding some information to resultlists.
2007-07-12 hdlsystempreferences were too large.
2007-07-12 toinsoptimisation + encoding set.
2007-07-12 toinsbug fixing: there was a 500 error when GetReservesFromB...
2007-07-12 toinsdisplaying the query to search
2007-07-12 toinsremove duplicated line.
2007-07-12 toinsadding a pagination bar & displaying only 20 results...
2007-07-12 toinscomment unused code.
2007-07-12 toinsre indenting
2007-07-12 toinsusing 'our' instead of 'use vars' which is deprecated.
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : Deleting an unused variable
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : Reserves in OPAC or in intranet lead to...
2007-07-12 hdlBug Fixing : GetNextSeq did not pass through innerloop...
2007-07-11 hdlBug Fixing :
2007-07-11 hdlminor changes in SQL
2007-07-11 hdladding maintenance script to warn users when maintenanc...
2007-07-11 hdlbug fixing install.pl
2007-07-11 hdlAdding KohaAdminEmailAdress
2007-07-10 toinsnew img
2007-07-10 toinsauto focus on search box
2007-07-10 toinssyspref already writed in Auth.pm
2007-07-10 toinsremoving note from results list
2007-07-10 toinsbug fix : Sometime importing biblio return no breedingid.
2007-07-10 toinssyspref are writed for the template in auth.pm
2007-07-10 hdlAdding macle_plugin for FRANTIQ
2007-07-10 hpassini*** empty log message ***
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : Dynamic change of framework in edition...
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : Dynamic change of framework in edition...
2007-07-09 hdlBug Fixing : reserves in OPAC and intranet.
2007-07-08 rangiFix for bug 1376, prompting to save wrong filename...