2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-06-27 tipaulmoving the _s() javascript function, that is used by...
2007-06-26 toinsremoving '-' in isbn to allow amazon content.
2007-06-26 tipaulupdating web installer : going to step1 if needed and...
2007-06-26 tipaulremoving some useless tables from updatedatabase
2007-06-26 tipaulremoving koha.mysql. the DB structure is now in $KOHA...
2007-06-26 tipauluptodate SQL structure
2007-06-26 tipaulimproving OpacBrowser systempref explanation
2007-06-26 tipauladding location sql field to location column, with...
2007-06-26 tipaulwhy was title ordering on 1=36 ? in ccl.properties...
2007-06-26 tipaulbugfix on adding a subfield
2007-06-26 tipaulKoha-Auth-Number declaration was missing : jumping...
2007-06-25 tipauldecoding correctly z3950 biblios
2007-06-25 tipauljust reindent
2007-06-25 tipaulfrench updated
2007-06-25 tipaulmissing field declaration
2007-06-25 tipaulsome graphic changes (minor)
2007-06-25 tipaulbugfixes on unimarc 100 handling (the field used for...
2007-06-25 toinsdon't escape '-' in regexp.
2007-06-24 rangiAdding more tests, it now tests the exported functions
2007-06-21 hpassiniadd zipcode list
2007-06-21 hpassiniadd zipcode list and bsort1 list
2007-06-21 toinssynch fr & en
2007-06-21 btoumibug fixing :make possible to create a tag in biblio...
2007-06-20 toinsmissing comma :-/
2007-06-19 toinsoups... It can be more than one ISBN.... fixed now.
2007-06-19 toinswriting charset explicitly.
2007-06-18 toinsNew script:
2007-06-18 toinsdon't display notes on result and fix wrong link.
2007-06-18 tipaulfrench templates, updated
2007-06-18 rangiMissed test
2007-06-18 rangiRemoving tes for deprecated function, of course there...
2007-06-18 rangiFinishing up the last of the tests
2007-06-18 rangiContinuing on my tests mission
2007-06-18 rangiMore test files
2007-06-18 rangiContinuing to add tests
2007-06-17 rangiSimple compile only test for C4::Amazon
2007-06-17 rangiWorking on unit tests
2007-06-15 toinss/opac-botton.inc/intranet-botton.inc/
2007-06-15 toinssync with english template.
2007-06-15 toinsenable to search on subject with nozebra
2007-06-15 toinsremoving notes from the results
2007-06-15 tipaulsome fixes (and only fixes)
2007-06-15 toinsbugfix : bibliotitems.dewey & deletedbiblioitems.dewey...
2007-06-15 toinsdo not get $3 $4 and $5 on GetMarcSubjects GetMarcAutho...
2007-06-15 toinsremove hardcoded link.
2007-06-14 hpassinibug fixing : variable name CGICatCode instead of CGIcatCode
2007-06-13 toinsadding a link to opac-detail and removing link to itself.
2007-06-13 toinsremoving warn compilation.
2007-06-11 toinsnext if there is an error getting the biblio.
2007-06-11 toinsfix a french error.
2007-06-11 toinsthis template is for intranet not for opac... including...
2007-06-11 toinsremoving template->param already writed on Auth.pm
2007-06-08 toinsadding flagrequired
2007-06-08 toinswriting absolute path.
2007-06-08 toinsre-indent + little bugfix : '' instead of undef.
2007-06-08 toinsit's faster to 'truncate' instead of using 'delete...
2007-06-08 toinsbug fix : items.homebranch must be VARCHAR(10)
2007-06-06 tipaulbugfixes (various), handling utf-8 without guessencodin...
2007-06-06 tipaulimproving opac default CSS to have a npl/ccfls like...
2007-06-06 tipauladding 2 images for npl/ccfls opac
2007-06-05 toinsre introducing TotalPaid function as circ/stat.pl use it.
2007-06-05 toinsremoving a compilation warn.
2007-06-05 toinschmod +x
2007-06-05 toinscorrect a wrong link
2007-06-05 toinsauto focus on login when document is loaded.
2007-06-05 tipaulsome (minor, functionnaly speaking) bugfixes
2007-06-05 tipaulfrench translation updated
2007-06-05 tipaulremoving guessencoding, hard-coding utf-8
2007-06-05 toinsre-indenting + redirecting to subscription-detail.pl...
2007-06-05 toinsthis template is not used has a popup. including header...
2007-06-05 tipaulfixing template & javascript bug on almost all plugins
2007-06-01 btoumibug fixxing : add hidden field to allow modification...
2007-05-30 tipaulcleaning duplicate entries in top menus & fixing a...
2007-05-30 tipaulBugFixing CanBookBeRenewed was too strict. If a book...
2007-05-30 tipaulBUGFIX : Feature AutoMemberNum was lost
2007-05-29 hdlBug Fix :
2007-05-29 hdlBug Fix :
2007-05-29 tipaulsome minor bugfixes, templates improvements & zebra...
2007-05-29 hdlEditing old numbers is allowed when subscription expired.
2007-05-28 tipaulmerging opac details only for items with the same branc...
2007-05-28 tipaulfixing bug for authorities zebraqueue reindexing
2007-05-28 tipauladding series title to adv search (no need to expand...
2007-05-28 hdlAdding startdate and enddate parameters to GetBookfundB...
2007-05-28 hdlDeleting $year paramater in GetBookfundBreakdown
2007-05-25 tipaulupdated french translation + improved & fixed default...
2007-05-25 tipaulBUG FIXING :
2007-05-25 btoumidelete space in beggining of the script to accept scrip...
2007-05-25 tipaulsome changes to default zebra config for better searches
2007-05-25 tipaulsmall script to check XML parser. Remember that PurePer...
2007-05-25 btoumiadd security when u delete biblio :
2007-05-24 hdlChanging signature for NewIssue
2007-05-23 hdlChanging pattern Number to Number only.
2007-05-23 hdlBug Fixing.
2007-05-23 tipaulBug Fixing :
2007-05-23 tipaulskip move to innoDB for the 4 22 tables, that are used...
2007-05-23 tipaulfrench translation
2007-05-23 tipaulvarious bugfixes (minor) and french translation updated