2009-09-30 Paul Poulain(MT #1855) Make an Ajax+JSON search receiving orders
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1496 : Close basket
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1487 : Ability to cancel orders when receiving shipments
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1645 : fix i(tem)type search
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerFix broken moredetail.pl
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainBug Fixing Suggestions.pm : using ordernumber
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Improving and bug fixing admin/aqbudgets
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... suggestion.pl has to be updated on C4/Budgets
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding AUTO_INCREMENT to aqbudgets table
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Removing fines getting from user search on budgets...
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing : 1st Step Bookfund has become Budgets
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1486 : Results filtering, table collapsing / expandi...
2009-09-30 Jean-André... This adds the Editor Number in the PDF (basketgrouping)
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... updatedatabase minor fix.
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Updatedatabase for newacq Followup
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Updatedatabase for newacq
2009-09-30 Nicole EngardBugs: 1172 3579 3596 fixes to patron detail in opac
2009-09-30 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3395) fix unimarc plugin 225$a
2009-09-30 Matthias MeusburgerMT 1717 : Opac descriptions for authorised values
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding Letters management to Suggestions.
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainAdding better support for Unicode diacritics display
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing C4::Search } missing
2009-09-30 Jean-André... This fixes GST computation if prices are GST included
2009-09-30 Jean-André... Fixes columns alignment in order details table.
2009-09-30 Jean-André... Several improvements to basket display.
2009-09-30 John SorosFixes for basket closing:
2009-09-30 John Sorosfix for 1431 point 2: orders and orders_items also...
2009-09-30 John Sorossmall typo fix in basket.pl template
2009-09-30 John SorosChenge database structure to not delete an order line...
2009-09-30 Jean-André... This adds pagination on pending orders in acquisitions
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainHTML fixes
2009-09-30 John SorosAdded displaying of seriestitle and volume in basket...
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainfixing acqui-search.pl
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremoving 2 warnings
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge fix
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge fix : recieving
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge error : reintroducing ajax.tmpl
2009-09-30 Paul Poulaincode cleaning
2009-09-30 Paul Poulain(mantis 1475) uncertains price, don't set if we find...
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbudgfixing budgets & planning and code cleaning
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbugfixing & improving budgets managements
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainsmall typo changes
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainsanop specific : sorting itemtype
2009-09-30 Mason Jamesbig aqplan commit v2 for mantis:1177
2009-09-30 Paul Poulaintext change (minor)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbugfix: haspermission API
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainimprovement/bugfix : search budget
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge fix : biblionumber lost
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbugfixing haspermission API
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremoving warn for empty variable
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainBUGFIX : colspan wrong
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbugfixinf haspermission API call
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainBUGFIX new_acq (Javascript error under certain circumst...
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainpartial fix for mantis #1498
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremoving use strict problem
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremoving hardcoded reference
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremoving useless code (copied from addbiblio)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulaindealing with login as root (mySQL login)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerge fixes
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerging new_acq fix: budget_parent dropbox was wrong
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerging new_acq fix: missing links
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmerging new_acq fix: error in SQL files
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainTest script, removing Bookfund references
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainSuggestions.pm, probably useless & not working (check...
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainSerials, use Budget instead of Bookfund
2009-09-30 Paul Poulaincheck errors (not new_acq related)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainreplace bookfunds by budgets & remove warns
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainsuggestions changes (probably useless)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainchanging form to post method (not new_acq related)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainreplacing links to bookfunds into budgets
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmoredetails, link to basket if applicable
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainadditem.js (not sure it's related to new_acq)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulaincontract admin search
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainchanges in acquisition toolbar to deal with new features
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainChange links to budgets instead of bookfunds
2009-09-30 Paul Poulaingranular perms for acquisitions
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainpending reserves, improve perfs (not related to new_acq)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainprinting ordergroup
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainstaff css, minor change
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbugfix: missing tmpl_if (not related to new_acq ?)
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainadmin-home: links to budgets, contracts
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainacqui-home new links to budget and dealing with budget...
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainadd order line through z3950 search
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainupdatesupplier
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainuncertainprices
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainlateorders, deal with granular perms
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainfinishreceive
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainlinks on acqui-home, deal with budgets, granular perms...
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainremove bookfunds references
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainmostly reindenting
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainchanges in ImportBatch
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainC4/Budgets.pm
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainBookseller.pm changes
2009-09-30 Paul PoulainAcquisitions.pm
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainorder recieve
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainnewordersuggestion
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainbasketgrouping management
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainaddorderiso2709
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainaddorder changes
2009-09-30 Paul Poulainsupplier management changes