2007-11-07 Henri-Damien... Bug fixing : irregularities were not saved. Nor were...
2007-11-07 Henri-Damien... Changing 100$a coded field Only when marcflavour eq...
2007-11-07 Henri-Damien... BiblioAddsAuthority : First version.
2007-11-07 Henri-Damien... patch pour le champ 100 AddAuthority.
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINoups, too many parenthesis
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINrebuild_zebra now handle correctly improper authorities...
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINremoving warn
2007-11-07 Paul POULAIN#1546 fix (removing REPLACE)
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINfixing 001 hardcoded field in auth record (001 = authid)
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINdeal with wrong authorities when exporting for zebra
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINleader must be 25 and not 24 char long
2007-11-07 Owen LeonardSome random changes, including search box and toolbar...
2007-11-07 Chris CormackRest of the fix for 1402
2007-11-07 Chris CormackFix for bug 1402, now if a renewal fails, the librarian...
2007-11-07 Paul POULAINfrench po files updated
2007-11-06 Joshua FerraroRevert "Auth.pm conflicted merge resolution."
2007-11-06 Henri-Damien... Some improvements on research.
2007-11-06 Chris CormackFix for bug 1538
2007-11-06 Joe AtzbergerAuth.pm conflicted merge resolution.
2007-11-06 Chris CormackTweaking test
2007-11-06 Chris CormackSIP returns (checkin) working now
2007-11-06 Chris CormackYou can return items now BUT we need to get the branch...
2007-11-06 Chris CormackCan check an item out now
2007-11-06 Chris CormackWork in progress on the SIP code
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsupdating test data for Koha system
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsmore koha and data specific tests.
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginstiny cleanup
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsrm swp
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginscontinue getmember
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsadding koha-specific / data specific test cases
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsupdating ILS::Patron for Koha.
2007-11-06 Ryan Higginsadding openncip / opensip SIP2 service
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardSome markup fixes
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardImprovements to layout, markup, breadcrumbs, search...
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardChanging to two-column layout
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardOne more minor cosmetic change
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardBringing error page templates up to date with current...
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardHighlighting overdues in red, adding accesskey indicato...
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardMore enhancements to guided reports markup and layout.
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardCorrecting invalid markup in new YUI autocomplete searc...
2007-11-06 Owen LeonardCorrections to enable tabs, YUI toolbar
2007-11-06 Chris CormackFixing a hardcoded email address, changing to use the...
2007-11-06 Chris NighswongerCorrected Makefile.PL to move kohaversion.pl to cgi...
2007-11-06 Chris NighswongerCorrected CGI copy to include entire 'installer' subdir...
2007-11-06 Chris Nighswongerkohastructure_pg.sql for PostgreSQL
2007-11-06 rootcorrected init script name for apache2
2007-11-06 Chris Nighswongercorrected path to zebra passwd file
2007-11-06 Henri-Damien... Bug FIX : ISBD links to pages should be changed in...
2007-11-06 Joshua Ferraromerge mason's fix to circulation
2007-11-06 Mason Jamesundeclared @issued_itemtypes_count_loop;
2007-11-05 Joshua Ferraroadding back my @issued_itemtypes_count_loop;
2007-11-04 Ryan Higginsfix typos on syspref.
2007-11-04 Ryan Higginsadding item-level itypes: based on systempref: item...
2007-11-04 Ryan Higginsfixed redefined itemtype_count variable .
2007-11-04 Joe AtzbergerAuth_with_ldap - further revisions, better modularity.
2007-11-04 Paul POULAINpatenthesis at wrong place in javascript
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Porting additems.tmpl changes to serials-edit (serialsa...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardCorrection to include in bookfund.tmpl; Formatting...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardStandardizing information shown in sidebar when patron...
2007-11-04 Chris CormackMessy merge ignore
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardMore interface changes for circulation: Further tweakin...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardCorrections to enable tabs, YUI toolbar
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardStandardizing information shown in sidebar when patron...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardEnabling AutoComplete on resident circ search form...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardMore interface changes for circulation: Further tweakin...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardCorrections to links (usually hidden by javascript)
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardFixing layout broken by addition of guided reports...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardCorrections to enable tabs, YUI toolbar
2007-11-04 Ryan Higginsitem-level itemtypes issuingrules require some testing.
2007-11-04 Ryan HigginsCouple of minor changes to staff client view on patron.
2007-11-04 Ryan HigginsSmall change to begin item-level itypes.
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Managing Independant branches.
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Removing Date::Manip
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... If no serialsadditems, choosing status arrived would...
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... call to plugins didnot work.
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... BUG fixing : suivi.paulpoulain.com : 257
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Biblionumber information was not acurate.
2007-11-04 Joe AtzbergerPrint.pm: Dates.pm integration and cleanup.
2007-11-04 Joe AtzbergerAuth_with_ldap: work in progress.
2007-11-02 Owen LeonardSome formatting and layout chances to acquisitions...
2007-11-02 Owen LeonardCosmetic changes to moremember print screens
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonset DB rev to 020
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfixed typo in 018 DB change
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonmade key on deleteditems.barcode non-unique
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonmade several PKs be auto_increment columns
2007-11-01 Joshua Ferrarofix to rightANDlefttruncation
2007-11-01 Joshua Ferraroremoving intranet.css from default sysprefs
2007-11-01 Mason Jamesbug-1494, fixed bookfund modify code
2007-11-01 Mason Jamesadded mod_validate block to aqbookfund.tmpl
2007-11-01 Mason Jamesfixed bookfund modify code
2007-11-01 Mason JamesModbookfund() now correctly updating all aqbudget.branc...
2007-11-01 Mason JamesWorking on fixing bug for acquisition bookfund modifyin...
2007-11-01 Owen LeonardMore work on circulation dialog. Adding files and style...
2007-11-01 Owen LeonardBeginning work on confirmation dialog
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonbugfix: bib delete button now working in catalogue...
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfixed typo in statement for reports_dictionary
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfixed extra warning during install.pl
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonsample patron data: removed insert with duplicate PK
2007-11-01 Galen Charltoncomment out version check warn
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonbugfix: deletedbiblioitems row now added upon delete...