2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroadding upgrade instructions to INSTALL and INSTALL...
2008-02-21 Galen Charltonweb installer: defaults for untranslated SQL scripts
2008-02-21 Galen Charltoncompleted use of YAML by InstallAuth
2008-02-21 Paul POULAINuse YAML for installer auth like we do for Koha itself
2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroupdating translations in release notes for 3.0 beta
2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroupdating chinese, russian, ukranian translations
2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroupdating the translation credits
2008-02-21 Joshua Ferraroadding release notes for 3.0 beta
2008-02-21 Mason Jamesoops, removing un-needed $dbh->commit() calls
2008-02-21 Mason Jamessetting $dbh->{AutoCommit} = 0, and adding a new -...
2008-02-21 Galen Charltondisable OPAC login form if opacuserlogin syspref is off
2008-02-21 Galen Charltonmake OPAC masthead obey opacuserlogin syspref
2008-02-21 Chris NighswongerClairifying pod for upgrade and correcting dmake messag...
2008-02-21 Mason Jamesbump for enumchron column add
2008-02-21 Mason JamesAdded item.enumchron column, and framework map to 952h.
2008-02-21 Mason Jamesadded 952$h->items.enumchron map.
2008-02-21 Mason Jamesadding items.enumchron column.
2008-02-21 Owen LeonardAdding missing link to patron image upload page to...
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINAdded issue date column to issues list
2008-02-20 Owen LeonardFix for Bug 1853, Items not checked out label inconsistency
2008-02-20 Owen LeonardFix for Bug 1854, Selecting Columns for Display window...
2008-02-20 Owen LeonardFix for Bug 1843. I'm taking out the link, since the...
2008-02-20 Joshua Ferraroremoving invalid PO files
2008-02-20 Joshua Ferraroadding staff client translations from translate.koha.org
2008-02-20 Joshua Ferraroupdating the OPAC translations from translate.koha.org
2008-02-20 Joshua Ferraromoving some of the pot files to po to distinguish betwe...
2008-02-20 Chris NighswongerSecond fix for bug 1848 correcting bad conditional
2008-02-20 QA Managerfix for bug 1836, Adding patrons fails when using cites...
2008-02-20 Mason Jamesadding in SERIES(440) fields loop again,
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINremoving nowrap in result list (v2)
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINintroducing a noprint class to hide things on printer
2008-02-20 Paul POULAIN(cosmetic) reducing subscription renew note textarea
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINNoZebra : removing . and : before indexing
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINbugfix : avoid white on white dialog
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINremoving left menu when printing page
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINsmall changes : adding branchcode & reordering display
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINfrench .po file updated
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINtranslator is confused by nested " in javascript.
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINthe homebranch index is called homebranch, no more...
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINBUGFIX NoZebra search (removal of adv zebra keyword...
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINspeeding a lot rebuild_nozebra by using autocommit...
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINAdded issue date column to issues list
2008-02-20 Paul POULAINreplacing priority by barcode in column title as it...
2008-02-20 Ryan HigginsAdding barcode_decode syspref
2008-02-20 Chris CormackFixed a bug 1852 that was blocking being able to add...
2008-02-19 Mason Jamesa little speed tweak here, setting "SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHE...
2008-02-19 Chris CormackFix for renewals not working at circulation
2008-02-19 Paul POULAINBUGFIX (critical) return instead of next
2008-02-19 Galen Charltonbug 1803 - fix error page handling
2008-02-19 Chris NighswongerCorrection to convert Printer Profile units to Postscri...
2008-02-19 Galen Charltonbug 1816: improved AJAX file upload and background...
2008-02-19 Galen Charltonbug 1834: add entries to zebraqueue only when necessary
2008-02-19 Ryan HigginsDate format fix for serials irregularities.
2008-02-19 Ryan HigginsPrevent default framework from being inadvertently...
2008-02-18 Chris NighswongerMaking picture-upload.pl case insensitive when looking...
2008-02-17 Joshua FerraroRevert "use YAML for installer auth like we do for...
2008-02-16 Galen Charltonvarious virtual shelves/lists fixes
2008-02-16 Galen Charltonremoved dangling /TMPL_IF
2008-02-16 Galen Charltongetalert - do not generate bad SQL for borrowernumber=0
2008-02-16 Galen CharltonDC XML export - declare encoding
2008-02-16 Galen Charltonfixed Dublin Core XML export of bibs
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerAdding another barcode autogeneration sequence to barco...
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerRemoving unused script
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerCorrections to Printer Profiles template to handle...
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerModifying Label Creation to handle no Printer Profile...
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerFinalizing work on Printer Profiles feature.
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerAdding Printer Profiles feature to the Label Creator.
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerFixing 'breadcrumbs' menu in staff-client label tool
2008-02-16 Chris NighswongerCorrecting style for reset input type to match submit...
2008-02-16 Paul POULAINuse YAML for installer auth like we do for Koha itself
2008-02-16 Paul POULAINbugfix : opacnote was displayed twice
2008-02-16 Paul POULAINadding branchcode for subscriptions details
2008-02-16 Paul POULAINbugfixing scan index for UNIMARC
2008-02-15 Galen Charltoninstall: tweaked 'make update'
2008-02-15 Galen Charltoninstaller: added 'make upgrade' target
2008-02-15 Galen Charltoninstall: added --prev-install-log option to Makefile.PL
2008-02-15 Galen Charltoninstaller: added install log
2008-02-15 Galen CharltonZebra startup: create /var/run and /var/lock subdirs...
2008-02-15 Ryan Higginsadd option to export and index xml to rebuild_zebra
2008-02-15 Galen Charltonmore holiday/calendar work
2008-02-15 Galen Charltonadd Tools breadcrumbs & sidebar to OPAC comment moderation
2008-02-15 Galen Charltonfixed radio buttons for holiday exception/deletion
2008-02-15 Galen Charltonholidays: adjusted calendar CSS
2008-02-15 Galen CharltonXHTML corrections: guided reports
2008-02-15 Galen CharltonXHTML corrections: tools and reports
2008-02-15 Galen CharltonXHTML corrections for bib display and item add
2008-02-15 Galen Charltondon't sort @INC when displaying on about page
2008-02-15 Galen Charltondisplay path to Perl interpreter on about page
2008-02-15 Galen Charltondisplay Perl @INC on about page
2008-02-15 Frederic DemiansAdd a required Debian package & fix a wrong character...
2008-02-13 Joshua Ferrarofixing zebraqueue daemon for delete operation part two
2008-02-12 Joshua Ferrarofixes to indexing process for deleted records
2008-02-12 Chris CormackFix for Zconn not creating a new connection when zebra...
2008-02-12 Galen Charltoncompleted XHTML fixes for addbiblio
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonfix XHTML validation errors in addbiblio.pl
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonrestore tabbing function in MARC bib editor
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonadded back use of C4::Charset
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonfixed XHTML validation error
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonOPAC: display bib record URLs even if bib has no items