2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: configure PazPar2 during installation
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: fixed paging through grouped results
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: added OPAC search result grouping option
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonFRBR: added work-author to PazPar2 search defs
2008-02-11 Galen CharltonPazPar2 FRBRize - adjusted UT and author keys
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonmore experimental work on grouping with pazpar2
2008-02-11 Mason Jamesadded 440* and 490* 'series' indexes
2008-02-11 Mason Jamesnow fetching missing MARCSERIES/440 values too.
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINbugfixing inventory
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINmoving fr installer to fr-FR
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... INNER JOIN was too much restrictive for migrated libraries.
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... BUG FIX : detailed page for supplier failed to get...
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... Displaying Sort Authorised values if linked to authoris...
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... ordering branches by branchcodes.
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... </div> were missing
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... using Warn and not print for debugging purpose
2008-02-11 Henri-Damien... ordering branches by branchcodes on Auth page.
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINoverduenotices-csv from 2.2 + DL file from overdue.pl
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINoverdues list, adding links to biblio & patron
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINadding missing lcn index for NoZebra (in UNIMARC)
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINHomeOrHoldingBranch syspref in french
2008-02-11 Paul POULAINswitching home and holdingbranch (rewritten)
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonmoved use of C4::Heading to avoid symbol export problem
2008-02-11 Galen Charltonauthorities: added LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities
2008-02-11 Chris NighswongerChanged behavior of barcode.pl plugin to generate barco...
2008-02-11 Joshua Ferraro952 $y was marked as 'hidden' for supplemental frameworks
2008-02-09 Galen Charltonbug 1372: count MARC records correctly
2008-02-09 Galen Charltonadded StripNonXmlChars to C4::Charset
2008-02-09 Galen Charltonkeep biblioitems.cn_sort in sync with MARC record
2008-02-08 Joshua Ferrarosynching opac search with staff search
2008-02-08 Joshua Ferrarofixing a bug where the query cgi was loaded twice for...
2008-02-08 Joshua Ferrarohandling multiple languages gracefully in sysprefs...
2008-02-08 Joshua Ferraroadding translators for Amaric
2008-02-08 Paul POULAINadding a media=print stylesheet and removing menus...
2008-02-08 Joe Atzberger... Members.pm - make sure we don't return empty refs ...
2008-02-08 Paul POULAINreplacing ' by " in javascript translatable strings
2008-02-08 Ryan HigginsAllow stage_biblios_file to take matcher id as parameter.
2008-02-08 Ryan HigginsChange homebranch to branch for advanced search.
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities: new batch job to link bibs to authorities
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthority headings search: remove CCL metacharacters
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonmoved use of C4::Heading to avoid symbol export problem
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities: added LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities
2008-02-08 Galen CharltonFRBR: OPAC template for displaying grouped results
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonadded grouplabel class for FRBR group labels
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonexperiment: use PazPar2 to group related works
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardFormatting biblio view link options, other CSS tweaks...
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardWriting the cart button to the DOM with js so that...
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardRe-marking basket count with spans to avoid validation...
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardFixes for display of cart contents number, other minor...
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardStyling cart and list buttons with icons, styling searc...
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardCart and lists icon placement
2008-02-08 Owen LeonardTrying to get float correct for cart and lists button
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities: limit by heading type during matching
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities - new module - C4::Heading
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities -- added CCL indexes for heading matching
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonquell warnings for SimpleSearch under 'use warnings'
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities indexing: qualify indexes with ":w"
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities indexing - MAJOR changes
2008-02-08 Galen Charltonauthorities - enabled DOM indexing
2008-02-07 Chris NighswongerAdding 'more_subfields_xml' column to deleteditems...
2008-02-07 Joe AtzbergerSMS - widespread cleanup and moving code away from...
2008-02-07 Joe AtzbergerMakefile.PL - trivial perldoc correction
2008-02-03 Frederic DEMIANSFixes bug #1808
2008-02-03 Joe Atzbergertemplates - HTML validation tweaks, FIXME's added
2008-02-03 Joe AtzbergerContext.pm - file size test (-s) is subset of file...
2008-02-03 Joe Atzbergermasthead.inc - several validation fixes (no div inside...
2008-02-03 Joe Atzbergeropac.css - button background fix for input.icon
2008-02-03 Joe Atzbergershelves - corrections and HTML validation changes
2008-02-03 Galen Charltoncharset: fixed bug that prevented ISO-5426 conversion
2008-02-03 Chris NighswongerModified viewlog.pl to discern where it was called...
2008-02-03 MJ RayAdd MARC21 to USMARC label
2008-02-03 Chris NighswongerMore fixes for patron images
2008-02-03 Chris NighswongerMore work on picture-upload.tmpl
2008-02-03 Henri-Damien... Bug Fixing : Could not add new undefined tag if searchf...
2008-02-03 Chris NighswongerSecond installment on Patron Images fixes
2008-02-03 Galen Charltontemp bugfix -- restore file upload functionality
2008-02-03 Galen CharltonIMPORTANT - refactor MARC character set handling
2008-02-03 Owen LeonardMarkup correction, formatting for translator
2008-02-03 Chris NighswongerCorrecting DEBUG var
2008-02-03 ChrisBugfix for Bug 1618: First Installment
2008-02-03 ChrisRemoving extra warn
2008-02-03 Frederic DEMIANSQuick fix to bug 1809
2008-02-03 Frederic DEMIANSFix a bug in authorised values admin
2008-02-03 Owen LeonardPrevious change hid global search on results page too...
2008-02-03 Owen LeonardRemoving some unused include files; Correcting nomencla...
2008-02-03 Owen LeonardMinor style tweak to lists menu; Trying to show public...
2008-02-03 Owen LeonardMarkup tweak for login; Link correction for facets.
2008-02-03 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated
2008-02-03 Galen Charltonstaged MARC import: handle non-ASCII characters in...
2008-02-03 Galen Charltonauthorities: changed extension of authority-zebra-index...
2008-02-03 Galen Charltonauthorities: start of work on reindexing
2008-01-30 Owen LeonardWorking version of cart and lists buttons, with some...
2008-01-30 Owen LeonardMore button tweaks
2008-01-30 Owen LeonardMore unfinished button style testing
2008-01-30 Owen LeonardMore button style tests
2008-01-30 ChrisBugfix for Bug 1790 - Correcting sysprefs opacthemes...
2008-01-30 Frederic DEMIANSFix for bug #1806
2008-01-30 ChrisBugfix for Bug 1790: Theme defaults to prog if other...
2008-01-29 Owen LeonardA couple of minor style tweaks.
2008-01-29 Owen LeonardChanging the way items are added to the cart and and...