2005-03-23 doxultingAdding 2 flags to separate the rights in the parameter...
2005-03-22 hdlAdding Stats on Average loan time
2005-03-21 hdlFixing : $0 never written
2005-03-20 tipaulbugfix : don't try to get ->data if 001 field is undefi...
2005-03-18 hdlMinor Bug Fixing
2005-03-18 hdlMinor Bug fixing
2005-03-17 oleonardJust adding a $
2005-03-17 oleonardMoving some output into the template from the script
2005-03-17 oleonardMoving some output from the script to the template...
2005-03-17 oleonardNew icons
2005-03-17 tipaulminor fixes (in query building & html typos), no new...
2005-03-16 hdlFixing process for $0 subfield
2005-03-16 hdlinput filling for 4XX Unimarc fields on plugin selections
2005-03-14 hdlFixing : Including packages calls
2005-03-12 hdlAdding plugin for Unimarc_field-4XX.pl
2005-03-12 hdlRemoving average loan period processing.
2005-03-12 hdlBack to previous version
2005-03-09 hdlAdding average loan time to stats.
2005-03-09 hdlfixing length on publishernames
2005-03-09 hdlIncluding null values to statistics reports
2005-03-09 hdlModifying 0 value display in templates
2005-03-08 hdlincluding Null Values and improving result display
2005-03-08 hdlProcessing null values in statistics
2005-03-08 doxultingRemoved unused CSS class definition
2005-03-08 doxultingTwo classes for the columns which don't have to be...
2005-03-08 doxultingAdding a call to the new css for media:print
2005-03-08 doxultingChanged some tag's classes to prevent print of some...
2005-03-08 doxultingStylesheet to print the content of an acquisition baske...
2005-03-08 tipaulstats ignore null values, this is a preliminary bugfix...
2005-03-07 doxultingcorrecting a copy/paste error
2005-03-07 doxultingthe javascript variable 'title' wasn't initialized
2005-03-07 tipauloups, sorry, synch'ing badly (dropping a doXulting...
2005-03-07 tipaulsynch'ing with 2.2
2005-03-04 hdlFixing Bug : Not Opening the spreadsheet manager softwa...
2005-03-03 hdlAdding a link to issues stats reports in reports-home
2005-03-03 hdlAdding Reports on issues Stats
2005-03-03 doxultingModified Check function to report to user the name...
2005-03-03 doxultingwhen changing TMPL_IF to TMPL_UNLESS, had forgotten...
2005-03-03 doxultingAdding a new select to allow user to chose the output...
2005-03-03 doxultingAdding the order (ASC, DESC) parameter when calling...
2005-03-03 doxultingAdded a param to catalogsearch to allow selection of...
2005-03-01 doxultingAdded a new case for =duplicate
2005-03-01 doxultingAdding a new case when =duplicate to allow duplication...
2005-03-01 tipaulmerging 2.2 branch with head. Sorry for not making...
2005-03-01 slefSmall quoting fix to let fine calculation work.
2005-02-28 hdlBug fixes
2005-02-25 hdlAdding calendar javascript facilities
2005-02-25 hdlAdding stats on acquisitions... First Version
2005-02-24 hdlBeautifying Selection
2005-02-24 hdlBeautifying selection
2005-02-24 oleonardSynching with default template
2005-02-24 doxultingAdded a trash icon to every line to allow user to remov...
2005-02-24 hdltidying lists forms
2005-02-24 hdltidying lists
2005-02-24 hdlAdding MIME and delimiter support to system preferences
2005-02-24 hdlbugs fixing on catalogue stats reporting
2005-02-24 hdlImproving borrowers statitics management
2005-02-23 tipaulpatch to hide empty fields
2005-02-23 hdlAdding catalogue reporting templates
2005-02-23 hdlAdding Stats on Catalogue
2005-02-22 joshferrarofix for bug 937
2005-02-22 joshferraroFix for bug 920. The problem was that getMARCnotes...
2005-02-22 oleonardSynching with default template
2005-02-21 hdlborrowers_stats report exportation management
2005-02-21 hdlgestion des exportations
2005-02-19 hdlAdding reports
2005-02-17 oleonardChanging barcode search type to 'start' instead of...
2005-02-17 oleonardSynching with default template
2005-02-17 oleonardAdding sort-by option to template
2005-02-17 oleonardSynching with default template
2005-02-17 oleonardMarkup correction
2005-02-17 oleonardPutting reserve link back into search results
2005-02-17 oleonardAdding access key to issue confirmation buttons
2005-02-17 oleonardFixing javascript error and correcting broken link...
2005-02-17 oleonardMarkup correction and addition of 'opac login' and...
2005-02-17 oleonardSynching with default template
2005-02-17 oleonard- formatting currency values
2005-02-17 oleonardadded the price in order history
2005-02-17 oleonardMinor correction
2005-02-16 oleonardInclude file required for member information printout...
2005-02-16 oleonardMore and more style updates
2005-02-16 oleonardModifying display based on 'flagged' variable
2005-02-16 oleonardAdding 'flagged' variable to help control display in...
2005-02-16 oleonardUsing destination parameter to return users to circulat...
2005-02-16 oleonardAdding 'destination' hidden field to tell the script...
2005-02-16 oleonardAdding 'destination' parameter to link to memberentry...
2005-02-16 oleonardMinor markup and style changes
2005-02-16 oleonard- adding table row color toggle
2005-02-16 oleonardMinor markup changes
2005-02-16 oleonardFormatting currency values
2005-02-16 oleonard- formatting date according to system preference
2005-02-16 oleonardCorrecting styles on input buttons
2005-02-15 oleonardUpdating for 2.2
2005-02-15 oleonardUpdates and improvements to interface appearance
2005-02-15 oleonardUpdating table row color toggle to match update to...
2005-02-15 oleonard- Adding classification to list of returned variables
2005-02-15 oleonardUpdating for 2.2
2005-02-15 oleonardRemoving some unused include files
2005-02-14 oleonardVisual and structural changes to help complete upgrade...
2005-02-14 oleonardAdding id attributes to script-generated form fields...