2009-11-17 Henri-Damien... Date management update Suggestions
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien... Followup database update ca0b6596eaf
2009-11-17 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(MT 1970) fix javascript
2009-11-17 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3786) fix items edition menu
2009-11-17 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3787) update unimarc leader plugin,fix xhtml...
2009-11-17 Paul Poulainfixing who and when the suggestion is done
2009-11-17 Paul Poulainreindenting
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien... Adding a test in C4::Charset in UNIMARC_Encoding
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien... Better conformance for UNIMARC Authorities Encoding
2009-11-17 Jean-André... [3.2.x](bug #3623) Alternative 2 pages layout for hte PDF
2009-11-17 Paul Poulainremoving hardcoded (english) string
2009-11-17 Paul Poulainadding error details
2009-11-17 Paul PoulainMoving language to opac-advsearch.pl fewer options
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien... Adding ccode at item level in 995$h UNIMARC
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien... removing database revision 124
2009-11-17 Jean-André... Fixed wrong SQL syntax in updatedatabase.
2009-11-16 Paul Poulaintypo fix : list_price instead of listprice
2009-11-16 Paul Poulainmissing ) result in SQL error
2009-11-11 Henri-Damien... Bug Fix : 3343 MT1313 Authorities MARC summary
2009-11-11 Henri-Damien... Follow up : MT1902
2009-11-11 Henri-Damien... Adding a warning On subscription deletion for item
2009-11-11 Henri-Damien... MT1883 : Serials enddate was not cleanly used
2009-11-11 Henri-Damien... removing database revision 124
2009-11-11 Paul Poulainapplying atomic update for issuingrules, (2929)
2009-11-11 Paul Poulainremoving warnings
2009-11-11 Paul Poulaintransforming dates to iso to avoid a mySQL error
2009-11-11 Paul Poulainreindenting & removing comments
2009-11-11 Paul Poulainsubscription enddate is not mandatory + add a small...
2009-11-10 Henri-Damien... UpdateDatabase more fixes
2009-11-10 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2269 : Granular permissions for items batch modifica...
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainadding SUDOC history to XSLT (fields 955$r and $9)
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainoups, sorry, fixing mistake in previous patch
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainrevamping a little opac-detail for subscription (adding...
2009-11-10 Jane WagnerBug 3702 add branch description as primary sort for...
2009-11-10 Paul Poulaintypo fix in XSLT
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainadding XSLT for intranet (UNIMARC only, MARC21 will...
2009-11-10 Paul PoulainDisplaying serial call-number on receive.
2009-11-10 Paul Poulain2 translation fixes
2009-11-10 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2048 : Clickable fields for biblios are now in blue...
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainoverdue performance restored (INCOMPLETE FIX)
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainsubs declared twice
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainfixing some errors in updatedatabase
2009-11-10 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2040, Follow-up : Dropdown list for languages in...
2009-11-10 Henri-Damien... Adding some missing Status
2009-11-10 Henri-Damien... Editing copynumber to stocknumber
2009-11-10 Henri-Damien... MT 2167 : orders of firstname surname
2009-11-10 Henri-Damien... Fixing Merge on shelves Adding Print and send List
2009-11-10 Paul Poulainfixing overdue checking (today is not late)
2009-11-10 Jean-André... Fixed wrong SQL syntax in updatedatabase.
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... Adding userid to search in member.pl
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... Adding SpecifyDueDate
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... enhancement C4::Members.pm Improving POD
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... SQLHelper Enhancement Adding contain as searchtype
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... Removing default selection of userbranch for research
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... removing database revision 124
2009-11-06 Henri-Damien... enh Serials-collection Checking claimed late and expect...
2009-11-04 Jean-André... Adds billing address support in the basketgroup.
2009-11-04 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2134 : Adds a tab for subscriptions in intranet...
2009-11-03 Paul Poulainfixing basket in staff, some wrong links
2009-11-03 Paul Poulainreindenting + typo fix (MAJOR : missing s in permission...
2009-11-03 Jean-André... [3.2.x](bug #3623) PDF printing enhancements
2009-11-03 Henri-Damien... Adding stocknumber field to items table
2009-11-03 Jean-André... [3.2.x](bug #3624) Per-basketgroup delivery place
2009-11-03 Jean-André... [3.2.x](bug #3624) Per-basketgroup delivery place
2009-11-03 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2067, Follow-up : Description for CSV export not...
2009-11-03 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2040, Follow-up : Broken language search
2009-11-02 Jean-André... [3.2.x](bug #3624) Per-basketgroup delivery place
2009-11-02 Henri-Damien... 3.01.038 was missed and replaced by other code
2009-11-02 Henri-Damien... POD improvement
2009-10-30 Paul Poulainfixing updatedatabase msg
2009-10-30 Paul Poulainfixing "close basket and create basket group" feature
2009-10-30 Paul Poulainsome reindenting & XHTML compliance
2009-10-30 Henri-Damien... Acquisition : Fixing
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... Change in API : ordnum becomes ordernumber
2009-10-29 Paul Poulainxhtml improvement
2009-10-29 Paul Poulainremoving hardcoded value
2009-10-29 Paul Poulainsuggestions improvements and fixes
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... MT 2146 :Adding index on issn
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... 3736 enh : Adding syspref RoutingListAddReserves
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... MT 1902 : routing lists presence should be shown
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... Improving patron search in serials routing
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... Using sans-serif rather than serif font
2009-10-29 Henri-Damien... Reintroducing submit value buttons in po files
2009-10-28 Paul Poulainremoving useless files & fixing broken link
2009-10-28 Paul Poulainfixing SQL error (' is the string separator, and must...
2009-10-28 Paul Poulainfixing SQL builded if there is no where_strings
2009-10-28 Paul Poulainremoving useless template (aqbudgets is the right one...
2009-10-28 Paul Poulainfixing currency.pl
2009-10-28 Paul Poulainremoving warn and reindenting
2009-10-27 Henri-Damien... Bug Fix MT2104 : Edit authorities problem on multiple...
2009-10-27 Henri-Damien... C4/Biblio.pm Perltidy
2009-10-27 Henri-Damien... Javascript translatability addbiblio.tmpl
2009-10-27 Matthias MeusburgerMT 2073 : Allow to have non-editable fields for item...
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien... Followup bfffa5 TransformHTMLToXML bug fix
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien... Adding toggle of subscriptionhistory information
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien... MT 2168 : Logical AND between multiple words strings
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien... Adding logging DBI errors if in Debug Mode
2009-10-26 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3726) fix ISBD url translation
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien... MT 2206 addorder crashing
2009-10-26 Henri-Damien... Adding claimed to quick receiving