2004-03-30 tipaulNEW :
2004-03-28 joshferraroMake isbn search on existing records looser (to allow...
2004-03-28 acliVarious corrections & updates
2004-03-28 acliMake "Edit subfields" a template variable. This change...
2004-03-28 acli\n should be an actual newline
2004-03-28 acliSome corrections and new translations
2004-03-24 oleonardFixing redirect which points to old location of moremem...
2004-03-24 joshferraroFixes Bug 763 (Location will not change) replaced:
2004-03-24 joshferraroFixes bug 749 by removing the comma on line 1488.
2004-03-24 tipaulremoving useless
2004-03-24 tipaulsync'ing with rel_2_0
2004-03-24 tipaulcss'ing & merging members management.
2004-03-24 tipaulmembers link moved to members/
2004-03-24 tipaulcss'ing & adding test for I & C borrower category
2004-03-24 tipaulcss'ing & merging members management.
2004-03-24 tipaulcss'ing
2004-03-24 tipaulcss'ing
2004-03-24 tipaulbugfixes for newsearches
2004-03-24 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-03-24 rangiFix for bug 761
2004-03-22 oleonardFixing error which prevents withdrawn status from showi...
2004-03-21 acliMinor consistency changes
2004-03-21 acliNew strings
2004-03-20 acliFixed missing closing quotation marks in some of the...
2004-03-20 acliVarious corrections
2004-03-20 acliOops, wrong dialect
2004-03-19 tipaulbugfix : a missing } was placed at a wrong place. The...
2004-03-17 tipaulremoving maxlength=80 in MARC editor : Koha can handle...
2004-03-17 tipaulreplaced by Reserves2
2004-03-17 tipaulremoved : already exist in Circ2.pm
2004-03-17 tipauluseless : replaced by Circ2.pm it seems
2004-03-17 tipaulremoving Returns, that is useless
2004-03-17 tipaulremoving unused package
2004-03-16 joshferrarofixed missing } at EOF
2004-03-16 kb2qzvtranslated, after having run "update".
2004-03-16 tipaulsynch'ing with 2.0 branch
2004-03-16 acliWorkaround for strange label. Didn't realize this happe...
2004-03-16 acliForgot about this change from Arthur
2004-03-16 acliMinor updates
2004-03-16 acliSome more corrections, some from Arthur
2004-03-15 rangiPassing thru the borrowernumber with the charges data...
2004-03-15 rangiFixing some bogus sql
2004-03-15 tipaulintroducing new features :
2004-03-15 tipauladding virtual shelves to opac
2004-03-15 tipauladding searches on non marc fields ( like quick search...
2004-03-15 tipaulintroducing a little bit more css in default theme
2004-03-15 tipauladding " into a link
2004-03-15 tipaulintroducing new features :
2004-03-15 tipaulmissing my
2004-03-15 tipauladding a minor check
2004-03-12 acliVarious corrections, mostly from Arthur
2004-03-12 acliMinor corrections
2004-03-11 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-03-11 acliMinor layout adjustment - original adjustment looked...
2004-03-11 acliMake the page headings translatable while trying not...
2004-03-10 kb2qzvminor update.
2004-03-10 tipaul*** empty log message ***
2004-03-10 tipaulmoving members related scripts to "members" directory
2004-03-10 tipaulmoving members related scripts to "members" directory
2004-03-10 tipaulmodifying shelves : introducing category of shelf ...
2004-03-10 acliI did break this one
2004-03-10 acliMissed a couple
2004-03-10 acliInterim updates due to the Javascript changes
2004-03-10 acliJavaScript changes to make tmpl_process3 recognize...
2004-03-10 acliAdded hack to extract and translate strings inside...
2004-03-10 acliInterim update
2004-03-10 acliFixed charset conversion problem reported by Benedict.
2004-03-08 kb2qzvheader update.
2004-03-08 kb2qzvUpdates due to Ambrose's improvements to the translatio...
2004-03-08 acliUpdates due to bug fixes to the translation tool just...
2004-03-08 acliSorry, forgot to take out debugging code before committing
2004-03-08 acliFixed some bugs which caused some context to be not...
2004-03-08 acli<a> without matching </a>
2004-03-08 kb2qzvVersion 2.0 ready. Corrections are needed since there...
2004-03-07 kb2qzv107 more strings to translate and I'll be finished...
2004-03-07 kb2qzvminor update, about 343 strings more to go for completion
2004-03-07 acliVarious updates/fixes from rel_2_0
2004-03-07 rangiStarting on C4::Query,
2004-03-06 rangiGot rid of the last error message -1 bug
2004-03-06 tipauladding seealso feature in MARC searches
2004-03-06 rangiBugfix, now it actually does whats its supposed to.
2004-03-06 rangiFirst cut of a script to scrap the average customer...
2004-03-05 rangiTemplates for use with the notifys/fines.pl script
2004-03-05 rangiLittle script to format a letter for printing to be...
2004-03-05 rangiScripts to deal with overdues.
2004-03-05 acliMinor update
2004-03-05 acli"Cancel requests" graphical text
2004-03-05 acliConsistency fix; we should be using the equivalent...
2004-03-05 acliReverted translated first name/last name order; Koha...
2004-03-05 acliMore translations
2004-03-04 oleonardFixing error in TMPL tags
2004-03-04 oleonardRemoved broken 'edit items' link
2004-03-04 tipauladding LDAP auth.
2004-03-04 tipaulunsued package. beginning code cleaning
2004-03-04 tipaulunsued package. beginning code cleaning
2004-03-02 acliMinor updates
2004-03-01 acliMore perldoc updates
2004-03-01 acliPerldoc update
2004-03-01 acliCorrect translation of "Clear"
2004-03-01 acliMinor consistency fixes