2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding enddate to Subscriptions
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... C4::Search :Enhancements
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... C4::Output adding getlanguagecookie + other enhancements
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding updates for Suggestions
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Editing C4::Suggestions.pm
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... defining a value which could be optionnal
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Modifying Members : Add Mod and GetMember
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding Merge of two biblios from a virtualshelf
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding download for Cart and Shelf at OPAC
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding notices.pl which enables staff to see what notic...
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Move Item from one biblio to another
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Delete All items in one click
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding RIS And BibTex Export Followup
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding Batch edit for items
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Enhancing Inventory.pl
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding RIS and bibtex export
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding Some new functions
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding GetSupportList and GetSupportName
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding OpacSearchHistory system preference
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding Opac-SearchHistory feature
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Authorities bulkmarcimport
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding management for multiple $9 in MARCSubjects
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... UpdateDataBase for smart-rules modification
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Smart Rules enhancements
2009-09-30 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'koha-public/biblibre-sopac' into to-master
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien... Adding one template file missing
2009-09-30 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'origin/master' into bl-sopac
2009-09-29 Nahuel ANGELINETTIDelete unused function
2009-09-29 Jane WagnerBug 3661 XSLT fixes
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardMinor markup tweak and correction
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardMinor interface tweaks and markup corrections.
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardInterface tweaks and markup corrections.
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardInterface tweaks and markup corrections.
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardMinor markup and interface tweaks fo "Edit Label Layout"
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardMarkup corrections and other minor changes.
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardMarkup tweaks and corrections for label search window.
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardCorrections to ensure message list appears in the prope...
2009-09-29 Kyle M HallImplementation of OPAC Message formatting
2009-09-29 Owen LeonardCorrecting references in the OPAC to files in intranet...
2009-09-29 Nicole EngardUpdated help files
2009-09-29 Nicole EngardUpdated help files.
2009-09-29 J. David BavousettSilence extraneous messages when in batch mode on build...
2009-09-29 Garry CollumBug 2505: Enabled warnings in members/messaging.pl...
2009-09-29 Garry CollumBug 2505: Enabled warnings in members/patronimage.pl...
2009-09-29 Garry CollumBug 2505: Added warnings to members/members-home.pl...
2009-09-29 Garry CollumBug 2505: Enables warnings in members/mancredit.pl...
2009-09-29 Garry CollumBug 2505: Enables warnings in member-flags.pl, member...
2009-09-29 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'workbuffer.org-koha/translation' into...
2009-09-29 Katrin FischerBUG 3675: Untranslatable strings in opac-basket.tmpl
2009-09-29 Katrin FischerBUG 3380 Show serial enumeration on opac holds screen
2009-09-25 Chris CormackGerman updates
2009-09-23 Chris CormackFixing typo in MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGerman updates for 3.2
2009-09-22 Chris CormackLast of the language updates
2009-09-22 Chris CormackContinuing on with updates
2009-09-22 Chris CormackContinuing updating po files
2009-09-22 Chris CormackUpdating po files for 3.2
2009-09-22 Chris CormackMore new language files for 3.2
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGetting languages ready for 3.2
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGerman updates for 3.2
2009-09-22 Chris CormackUpdates for 3.2.x - French OPAC
2009-09-22 Chris CormackMaori updated for 3.2.x
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGerman Opac updates
2009-09-22 Chris CormackEnglish NZ variant translations for 3.2
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGerman Intranet template updates
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGerman Translations for 3.2 updated
2009-09-22 Chris CormackFixing a syntax error in german opac .po file
2009-09-22 Chris CormackGerman translation updates
2009-09-16 Jane WagnerBug-3098-Bug-3108-Bug-3545 revision to XSLT syspref...
2009-09-16 Garry CollumBug 3416: Fixes filter on parcels.tmpl.
2009-09-16 Garry CollumBug 3415: Adds highlighting to tables in parcel.tmpl
2009-09-16 Garry CollumBug 3414: Cleanup and xhthml correction of parcels...
2009-09-16 Galen Charltonbug 3436: tweak cache settings for patron images
2009-09-16 Galen CharltonDB rev 061: added ShowPatronImageInWebBasedSelfCheck...
2009-09-16 Galen Charltonbug 3436: improve error messages in self-check
2009-09-16 Galen Charltonbug 3436: enhance sorting of loans (self-check)
2009-09-16 Galen Charltonbug 3436: add patron images to web self-check
2009-09-16 PTFSAdd predefined fee types
2009-09-16 Colin CampbellEnsure op is defined in serials scripts
2009-09-16 Galen CharltonDB rev 059->060
2009-09-16 Galen Charltonavoid error message since messages table does not exist yet
2009-09-16 Colin CampbellNew Messaging System.
2009-09-16 Galen CharltonDB rev 058->059 - add DisplayOPACiconsXSLT syspref
2009-09-16 Jane WagnerBug 3098, Bug 3108, Bug 3545 -- Make MARC21 XSLT obey...
2009-09-16 Chris CormackFix for license statement on about page
2009-09-16 Colin CampbellUpdate some DBI interactions
2009-09-16 Chris NighswongerBug 2500 Correcting incorrect splitting of cutter numbers
2009-09-15 Colin CampbellAvoid unnecessary warnings in reserve/modrequest.pl
2009-09-15 Galen Charltonbug 3614 followup
2009-09-15 Colin Campbellbug 3614 Fix incorrect setting of indicator
2009-09-15 Galen Charltonupdated DB-dependent tests to reflect labels rewrite
2009-09-15 Galen Charltonbumped up required version of Test::More
2009-09-15 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3558) fix build_browser_and_cloud
2009-09-15 Michael Hafeninclude grace period when calculating overdue fine
2009-09-15 Colin CampbellEnable warnings in serial scripts
2009-09-15 Chris NighswongerMoving css to correct location
2009-09-15 Garry CollumBug 3602: Fixes a log error for opac-search.pl if expan...
2009-09-15 Garry CollumBug 3603: Fixes XHMTL errors in catalogue/showmarc...
2009-09-15 Garry CollumBug 3604: Fixes invalid XHTML in manage-marc-import...
2009-09-15 Garry CollumBug 3605: Fixes XHTML error in z3950_search.tmpl