2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1319, can no longer delete an item with...
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1626, whitespace stripped from barcodes
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1461, checkbox now doesnt display if you...
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1552, fix ordering of issued items
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for item level itypes and toomany subroutine
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferraroadding README
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferraromore re-arranging prior to release
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferrarore-naming some files prior to release
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferrarofixing nomenclature on files in misc/, adding a few...
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferraroadding a new option, -w, which disables shadow indexing...
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferraroupdates to some of the finer points of the install...
2007-12-30 Joshua Ferraromoving some files and deleting cataloguing/updateitem...
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFixing a bug with notforloan being checked properly
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1253 borrowers names sorted case sensitivly...
2007-12-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1689
2007-12-30 Chris CormackGet biblioitem data in canbookbeissued, we need this...
2007-12-29 Joshua FerraroBugfixing Systempreferences:
2007-12-29 Joshua FerraroSysprefs Changes
2007-12-29 Galen Charltonauthority zebra config: include gils.att
2007-12-29 Galen CharltonMARC21 authorities: fixed LDR/06 = 'a'
2007-12-29 Galen Charltonauthorities: make tag editor links consistent with bib
2007-12-29 Galen CharltonMARC21 authorities: fixed 008 value builder
2007-12-29 Galen CharltonMARC21 bibs: fixed mistake in leader value builder
2007-12-29 Galen CharltonMARC21 authorities: fixed leader value builder
2007-12-29 Galen Charltoncataloging plugins: enable access from authorities
2007-12-28 Joe AtzbergerOPAC VirtualShelves overhaul -- bugfix 1413 (among...
2007-12-28 Ryan HigginsFix fatal error on authority search when biblioaddautho...
2007-12-28 Galen Charltonadded logdir to koha-conf.xml
2007-12-28 Galen CharltonMARC and ISBD display: removed references to action...
2007-12-28 Galen Charltonfixed Javascript in additem.tmpl
2007-12-28 Galen Charltononly munge copyrightdate and publicationyear if they...
2007-12-28 Galen Charltonfixed quoting problem in updatedatabase.pl; version...
2007-12-28 Owen LeonardFixing dialog formatting
2007-12-28 Owen LeonardStyle improvements to moredetail.tmpl; Bug fix for...
2007-12-28 Owen LeonardBeginning some reformatting of advanced search interface
2007-12-28 Owen LeonardMinor reformatting of error messages.
2007-12-28 Owen LeonardFix to enable reading history in the staff client.
2007-12-28 Joshua Ferraromissing "
2007-12-28 Joshua FerraroSearch.pm Bugfixing
2007-12-28 Joshua Ferraroimprove embedded documentation and perldoc
2007-12-28 Joshua Ferraros/holded by/maintained/
2007-12-28 Joshua FerraroImprovements to nomenclature re: authority tag, making...
2007-12-28 Galen Charltonimportant: DBD::mysql 4.004 or later required
2007-12-27 Chris CormackFix for 1582, if independent branches is on, you cant...
2007-12-27 Galen Charltonfixed typo in new borrower column
2007-12-27 Galen Charltonsession management: use YAML::Syck for serialization
2007-12-27 Galen CharltonUTF8 and mysql: enable UTF8 mode correctly
2007-12-27 Ryan Higginsadding change to syspref for finesmode.
2007-12-27 Ryan Higginsadding 'exempt fine on return' option.
2007-12-27 Ryan Higginscleanup in memberentry,categories.
2007-12-27 Ryan Higginsrevert to sql in updateitem.pl
2007-12-27 Chris CormackFix for 1704, now if autoitemreturns is off you get...
2007-12-27 Chris CormackGetting rid of noisy warn
2007-12-27 Chris CormackTaking out warn
2007-12-27 Chris CormackFix for bug 1666
2007-12-27 Joe AtzbergerInput.pm - perldoc correction
2007-12-27 Joe Atzbergerabout.pl -- get apacheVersion for etch-like setups
2007-12-27 Chris CormackFix for bug 1164, child branch not defaulting to guaran...
2007-12-27 Joshua Ferraroimproving visual display of sysprefs, re-organizing
2007-12-27 Chris CormackFix for 1654
2007-12-27 Chris CormackFix for bug 1014, internal server error on unknown...
2007-12-27 Galen Charltonweb installer: clean up warns; improve naming of Nozebra op
2007-12-27 Joshua FerraroBIG COMMIT: minimal fix to authorities search
2007-12-27 Chris CormackBig bugfix for bug 1631
2007-12-26 Chris CormackFix for 1699, cant change category type
2007-12-26 Joshua Ferrarocategory template fix for bug 1699
2007-12-26 Chris CormackFix for bug 1686, moremember.pl doesnt know if a borrow...
2007-12-26 Chris CormackFix for bug 1691
2007-12-26 Chris CormackFix for typo in Insert line in updatedatabase.pl
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINAdding OPACItemsResultsDisplay syspref & bumping to...
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINremoving some code that is for staff, not for opac
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINreplacing SHELF_LOC by LOC, as decided with kados on...
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINfix to handle notforloan authorised values (we now...
2007-12-26 Paul POULAINmapping items.onloan to 995$n (to handle biblio status...
2007-12-26 Galen Charltonfix typo: "Ok" => "OK"
2007-12-26 Galen Charltonremoved unmatched /TMPL_IFs
2007-12-26 Joshua Ferraroprefixing all holdings auth values with HINGS
2007-12-25 Joshua Ferraromodrequest.pl did not previously have auth checking...
2007-12-25 Joshua Ferraroremoving unused ReadingHistory syspref
2007-12-25 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1696: Reading record page fails
2007-12-25 Joshua Ferraroremoving postgres sql from main installaer dir, it...
2007-12-25 Joshua Ferrarofix to bug 1569
2007-12-25 Joshua FerraroWARNING: BIGFIXING 670
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonbug 1368 - remove FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0 from installer
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonfixed typo in directory name
2007-12-25 Chris NighswongerUpdating README.debian
2007-12-25 Galen CharltonIMPORTANT - replaced TransformMarcToKoha
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonbulkmarcimport: enable MARC-8 to UTF-8 conversion
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonfixed C4::Dates usage that caused crash of orderreceive.pl
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonremoved extraneous comments
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonimproved error detection in AddBiblioAndItems
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonfixed error message when branch cannot be saved
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonremoved superfluous comments
2007-12-25 Galen CharltonC4::Biblio::AddBiblioAndItems - added duplicate barcode...
2007-12-25 Galen Charltonbulk MARC record import - speed improved
2007-12-24 Joshua Ferraroforgot to add imageurl to OPAC
2007-12-24 Joshua FerraroSynching opac with fixes to reserves adding back dev_we...
2007-12-24 Joshua Ferraroimprovements for translation, switch to use same views...
2007-12-24 Joshua Ferrarobugfixing request.pl