2008-07-07 Galen Charltonbug 2295 [followup 1/2]: added name to one of tests...
2008-07-07 Andrew Moorebug 2295 [4/4]: moving C4::Labels tests into t/lib...
2008-07-07 Andrew Moorebug 2295 [3/4]: moving C4::Items tests into t/lib/KohaTest
2008-07-07 Andrew Moorebug 2295 [2/4]: moving icondirectories.t from t to xt
2008-07-07 Andrew Moorebug 2295 [1/4]: moving C4::Dates tests into database...
2008-07-04 Paul POULAINBUGFIX : unimarc leader is 24, not 25. Fixing the javas...
2008-07-04 DeAndre CarrollBug#: 1989
2008-07-04 Andrew Moorebug 2275: making SMS::Send module optional
2008-07-04 Galen Charltontest suite: way to run single test file
2008-07-04 Joe AtzbergerBarcodes - OO replacements, extensible module, tests.
2008-07-04 Galen Charltonbug 2171: remove cancel transfer
2008-07-04 Galen Charltonbug 2171: removed "Transfers to do" report
2008-07-04 Galen Charltonbug 2305: install tags/* to intranet CGI directory
2008-07-04 Galen Charltonbug 2297: improve ModBiblio() to avoid duplicate item...
2008-07-02 Paul POULAINcommenting warn
2008-07-02 Galen Charltontest suite add_biblios: don't use zebraqueue_daemon
2008-07-02 Galen CharltonSimpleSearch test cases - make more robust
2008-07-02 Galen Charltonbug 2293: better validation in overdue rules editor
2008-07-02 Galen Charltonoverdue rules - added JavaScript for branch selector
2008-07-02 Galen Charltonbug 2292: save overdule rules to correct branch
2008-07-02 Galen Charltonbug 2291: sort branches and letter types
2008-07-02 Andrew Moorespelling correction in comment in javascript file
2008-07-02 Philippe JaillonOAI package handle correctly unicode content
2008-07-02 Andrew Moorebug 2176: spelling correction
2008-07-02 Paul POULAINOPACUserCSS has wrong default value (fix for 2211,...
2008-07-02 Paul POULAINfrench updated
2008-06-26 Galen Charltonbug 2278 - fix results pagination in auth_finder
2008-06-26 Frederic DemiansDocuments translator dependency on 'gettext' Linux...
2008-06-26 Joe AtzbergerFix alternating "highlight" to use __odd__ and combine...
2008-06-26 Chris NighswongerBugfix Correcting opac-shelves template to allow patron...
2008-06-26 Chris NighswongerBugfix correcting 'New List' behavior on opac-search.pl
2008-06-26 Chris NighswongerCorrecting mistyped var names and adding error trapping...
2008-06-26 Joe AtzbergerScript to correct faulty statistics table entries.
2008-06-26 Joshua Ferraroadding 'gettext' as this is requred by the translation...
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2176: fix typo in column name (DB rev 096)
2008-06-25 Andrew Moorebug: 2269 - adding a perltidyrc file
2008-06-25 Andrew Moorebug: 2272 - remove warning from C4::Koha::getitemtypeim...
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonfix Date::ICal typo
2008-06-25 Joe Atzberger... Interactive tests for SIP abstraction representation...
2008-06-25 Joe Atzberger... Bugfix Circulation, Expand ILS::Patron mapping.
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2254 [3/3]: add authority type check
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2254 [2/3]: fix authority types in MARC21 framework...
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2254 [1/3]: fixed GetAuthType(); avoid crash
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2206: always have $9 for headings fields
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonclean up old-style calls to GetMemberDetails
2008-06-25 Galen CharltonPOD fixes - C4/Members.pm
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2252: item-level hold not waiting until priority = 0
2008-06-25 Galen Charltonbug 2273: not-for-loan item should not fill hold request
2008-06-25 MJ RayNote optional modules, for later reference.
2008-06-24 Joshua Ferraroremoving maxItemsInSearchResults syspref from script
2008-06-23 Joshua Ferraroslef's patch for 'Algorithm::CheckDigits' ... v3.00.00-stableRC1
2008-06-23 Galen Charltonnew automated test for template translatability
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroUpdating release number
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroUpdating translations prior to RC1 release
2008-06-23 Ryan HigginsDB Bump 094 - bug 2268 -- allow mixed case subfield...
2008-06-23 Chris NighswongerCorrecting Release notes to read RC1 rather than Beta
2008-06-23 Joshua Ferrarotranslation fix
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroFixed errors for translation
2008-06-23 Joshua FerraroFixed errors for translation
2008-06-21 Joshua FerraroUpdating all translations except for:
2008-06-21 Joshua FerraroAdding release notes for 3.0 stable RC1
2008-06-21 Joshua FerraroUpdates to translation files (pre-update.pl)
2008-06-21 Joshua Ferraroworkaround for translation script
2008-06-21 Joshua Ferraroworkaround for translation script
2008-06-21 Joshua Ferraroworkaround for translation update script
2008-06-20 Ryan HigginsAdding Public note to default Normal view in opac-detai...
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for 1913: Remove opaclargeimage system preference
2008-06-20 Ryan Higginsbug 1553 - fix breadcrumbs on add by suggestion page.
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 2255: Sys Prefs need to be moved from Local Use
2008-06-20 Ryan Higginsbug 1839 - add default shipment date to today.
2008-06-20 Ryan HigginsRemove input for shipping cost as per bug 1965.
2008-06-20 Chris NighswongerTidying up the Lists button menu
2008-06-20 Galen Charltonbug 2002: show item's in transit status in OPAC holds...
2008-06-20 Ryan HigginsDATABASE UPDATE: change copynumber column to allow...
2008-06-20 Chris NighswongerCorrecting "Your Lists" to display properly when no...
2008-06-20 Ricardo Dias... INSTALL.opensuse - updated URL for Koha 3 RC1 .tar.gz
2008-06-20 Andrew Moorebug: 2176 improvements to database upgrade path
2008-06-20 Galen Charltonbug 2248 [2/2]: import item status display in search...
2008-06-20 Galen Charltonbug 2248 [1/2]: improve item status display in OPAC...
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for 2117: opacbookbag should have the term 'cart...
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for 2118: virtualshelves should say 'list' in the...
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix to 2142: maxItemsInSearchResults No longer used
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix to bug 1914: OpacNav system preference description...
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for 1948: LibraryName has wrong description
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix to 2211: OPACUserCSS has wrong default value
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix to 2179: Language Issue: Should be Holds not Reserves
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 1961: sprintf value needed in C4/Circulation.pm
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferraropatch from cnighs, fixing warn in Context.pm
2008-06-20 Chris Nighswongerbugfix for bug introduced by anonymous session code
2008-06-20 Ryan Higginsbug 2201 - autoBarcode code in acq is old. Modified...
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for bug 2045: Network Printers Setting Does Nothing?
2008-06-20 Joshua Ferrarofix for 2199 for new installations, existing installations
2008-06-20 Joe Atzberger... Remove EXPRs from includes file.
2008-06-20 Ricardo Dias... Created INSTALL.opensuse file
2008-06-20 Ryan HigginsAnother API call fix to get the vendor name.
2008-06-20 Joe AtzbergerUse C4::Debug to conditionalize warn.
2008-06-20 Joe AtzbergerUse C4::Debug on warn statements.
2008-06-20 Joe AtzbergerScript is not an Exporter. Convert to using C4::Debug.
2008-06-20 Joe AtzbergerThere is no doc-head-calendar.inc. I think it's called...
2008-06-20 Joe AtzbergerReplace EXPR.